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  1. Sorry to hear. Heard about the bad sleeping, panic attacks, paralysis... But eye problems? Did accutane cause eye scleritis?
  2. Jojoba oil is your friend Emu oil is cool too
  3. I apply danielkern.com cleanser, shave, wash. This way causes less irritation I believe.
  4. Same thing here, 27th day on Accutane, 80mg / day... What is that? I get really nervous when it comes to my penis
  5. I've started taking accutane today and am afraid to stop the acne.org regimen, because I know my skin will be looking horrible
  6. I'm going on vacation for a week and won't have time to do the regimen. What will happen if I just stop it for a week, I think my skin will be very flakey, any ideas on how to deal with this? Thanks.
  7. I decided to share what seems to be working for me. Hopefully someone will find this info useful. After almost a year battling with oily / dry skin, lobster face and breakouts, seems like I finally found the way to stay clear. Ok, this is how I do it: I do the regimen once a day, after I get out of shower. I apply cleanser, shave, wash my face, after few minutes massage Jojoba oil into skin, wait 10-20 minutes, apply BP, after 10-20 minutes I apply moisturiser mixed with Emu oil. Products I u
  8. Will see how it goes, thanks for your advice.
  9. A bump, which hurts when I touch it... no redness, no nothing.
  10. Ok I just put BP on it... but still, I don't feel myself comfortable thinking I got that white nasty shit under my skin
  11. I had few similar ones before, but they burst outside, not inside.
  12. A huge cyst or nodule appeared on my chest about 2 week ago. Yesterday I tried to burst it... And part of it burst inside! Weird, isn't it? So now I have a bump under my skin which is painful. Anyone had such experience? What should I do? I'm kinda worried