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  1. well im still here mate. i didnt drink loads just a few nights out evry now and again. i think you only get problems drinking regurly yeh i drank shit loads. literally for the whole 6 months. i obviously wouldnt reccomend here but here i am liver in one piece skin like a babies ass. sweet.
  2. the only reason theyre so shit hot on the pregnancy thing is because accutane can seriously damage an unborn baby. i guess they dont want any law suites on thier hands. just tell em ur really unhappy, not confident about going out etc the old sob story. they should be fine. ok so a few tedious pregnancy tests are required, but whats the price for clear skin eh?
  3. i walked into a lloyds, handed it over and they done it there. its a pretty small pharm so yeh it wont be a problem. like its been said everybody is different. mine cleared up really well after about a month but then they hit me hard a couple of times. like i said its all worth it tho
  4. hey catty, i live in london and my derm gave me a prescription the same day. the only thing you might have to wait for is your pharmacy. when i took my 'order' in there they said it would be about 2 days to get the drugs in but thats all. oh and just for the record i can honestly say its the best thing ive ever done. i tried about 6 different meds b4 accutane and jack shit worked for me. i finished my 6 month course last week and i dont have 1 spot on my entire body. stick around with this for
  5. im finishing my 6 month course soon. my derm said thats it no more meds no more blood tests and no more need for any meetings with her. however when i picked up my final batch the pharmacy told me i should make a appointment with my gp b4 i finish. any idea what this could be for?
  6. you know whats funny....they say accutane causes depression, but most of us were so depressed about having shit skin, that when the tane clears it up theres absolutley no chance were gona be unhappy. it was defo the worst part of my life and body, and now im clear ive never been happier. glad its working for ya.
  7. hows the cortibalm working for ya?
  8. firstly the red dots on your skin.....ive got 4 weeks left of a...er...6 month course. my skins perfecto, but im still taking this shit just to stop it relapsing. it seems my bodys starting to get pissed off and im developing a form of dermatitis under my chin, a bit on my forehead and around my neck. but it keeps going away and coming back. im just going moisturiser crazy and it seems to do the trick. i go to bed looking like a snowman. the stubborn fuckers......dont worry. well hard not to wo
  9. hey, ive just sat here and read all 4 pages of this.....its more a diary of life than a accutane log aint it? all good though. thought id chuck a couple of helpful hints your way anyway. i started accutane october 20th last year, and to be totally honest with you my skin has only been totally clear for the last 2 weeks before that i had some of the worst spots in my life, and i was deffo a 'squeezer' and i found they just stayed for days on end.....so dont give up whatever you do. im on 60mg
  10. hey, same story here i had acne for about 7 years form the age of 14, and it stared off terrible got a bit better, i tried about 5 different types of medication over the course of 6 years or so, and i went on accutane in october. 60mg a day. well i can say being in month 4, (i started the course 21st oct '07) i use a moisturiser every night before bed and my skin has never been so amazing. people have commented saying 'your looking really well' it seems they cant really put their finger on it, m
  11. i thought it was gona be some deep and meaningful tune.... but NO. seems a fat bald dude playing a ocorina is the way forward to acne sufferers. REJOICE who said accutane was a last resort?