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  1. Does anyone use Retin-A and Skinoren (azelaic acid) together? Any success in reducing oil? I don't really have a problem with spots anymore just the amount of oil! I found this too what do you think?; Studies carried out in France in the late 80's assessed the effects of zinc sulphate and azelaic acid on the human skin. The result of these studies demonstrated that at high concentrations zinc could completely inhibit the activity of 5 alpha reductase. Azelaic acid was also shown to be a potent
  2. I'm glad to here its working for you LEIGHA81! I might have mentioned this to you before but I use distilled witch hazel which is a mild skin cleanser. You can buy it from any pharmacist/chemist/drug store....depending on where you live! Just use cotton wool pads to sweep it across the face. The reason you start to get clear on Clean and Clear is because it has Benzoyl peroxide in it, but using that as well as Vit-B5 is probably a bad idea! As far as the red marks go, a quick solution (and ex
  3. Well I am starting my Vit-B5 course today as I have just literaly recieved them through the post, I will be taking 10g a day for 6 weeks. And then order more and I will lower to around 6-8g a week. I will be starting a blog today. Just keep in mind that I am using Azelaic acid cream to cut down on the initial break out (as I have heard that some people get them taking Vit-B5, however this could be to do with taking lower doses to start). I will keep you updated via my blog on this website. This
  4. Hi, Hi I'm a female and new to make up! Could you please reccomend a shade of Everyday minerals foundation for my skin?....ok it isn't going to be the same as a make consultation...but I was wondering if you could help? I can't decided between Cool- fair, Beige - Sandy fair or Olive - ivory....but I'm really not sure. I don't know what finishing powder or concealer to buy either, also what the hell is pressed powder? Oh and I certainly don't want to look caked in make up at all like you see s
  5. Oh and your going to need a moisturiser with an SPF protection, even in the winter. I have been using Oil of Olay Complete Care Moisturising Fluid for a long time and it is excellent, non-greasy, absorbs well, non -comedogenic (wont block pores), added vitamins, and its quite cheap too!
  6. I would reccomend not to use BP because of the reasons I have mentioned, you are using it in a face wash and as a spot treatment which is drying your skin out and thats never a good thing. By all means use Panoxyl as a spot treatment as has been said,but you won't have to use many topical products once the Vit B5 kicks in (dpending on what dosage you are taking). Distilled witch hazel to cleanse your face is effective and extremely cheap, you put some on a cotton wool pad and sweep it across the
  7. To LEIGHA81..glad to hear things are working...I haven't started my Vit B5 course yet but I will be very soon. I can offer some advice though, you didn't say what your regime is so I'm just gonna give you some advice from a LOT of research that I have done on skin care throughout the years. Cleanse twice daily with a mild cleanser - personaly I use slightly diluted distilled witch hazel, because it is JUST witch hazel and no other additives or anything, using a soft cotton pad to sweep it across
  8. Hey, I have just had a quick read at some of the posts on this topic...I had a look at Solgar at my local store and its just over £30 for 250 capsules (550mg). This is expensive!! Seeing as I will be taking 10g at first that requires me to take 18 capsules a day which equals 9990mg (which is closest to a 10g seeing as they are each 550mg capsules...even if i take 19 a day that takes me over 10g). I have a few links but can't figure out which one is cheaper; http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/p
  9. Hey, If anyone has had anyexperience with Panoxyl, or BP creams/gels could you help me out? I have been using Panoxyl BP 5% cream with good results but I was just wondering what difference will the aquagel make to my skin here are the links, hope you can help! Aquagel http://www.expresschemist.co.uk/product_26...agel-5-40g.html No link for the cream here are the ingridients; Macrogol 1000 monostearate; Stearic acid; Glyceryl monostearate; Isopropyl palmitate; Propylene glycol; Zinc stearate;
  10. I haven't read ALL of these posts because it is six pages long! Howver, it is indeed true that over washing the face (depending on what cleanser you use) will in fact cause the oil glands to overcompensate. Harsh chemicals, and unbalanced pH formulations can seriously dry the skin among other things, sometimes a trial and error and using the knowledge of fellow board members will help you avoid this! I seriously reccomend you visit this page; http://www.moom-uk.com/Hazards.htm#sodium When the
  11. Hey, So as the title says I am really trying my best to get on with my life but things are becoming very frustrating. First of all my skin type is dehydrated most of time, sometimes is extremely dehydrated and it feels very uncomfortable and 'tight'. It seems no matter what moisturiser I use, no matter how moisturising it is, my skin just can't hold onto the moisture. I also have mild to moderate acne which can often become very inflammed and red. Oil is also a big factor I am very oily almost
  12. Hi just wanted to say that I have the same problem. My skin is shiny directly after washing - not because of oil or because of any residue from the cleanser but because it is tought or 'tight' and dehydrated. The taughter the skin gets the shinier it becomes for some reason, the more plumped up and hydrated it is the less shiny it will be, however not always true if you use an oily moisturiser and your skin can't taken re-applying more moisturiser. I find my oil glands are in overdrive! A soon a
  13. EDIT: Retin-A Micro doesn't contain alcohol...I assumed it did...but it doesn't
  14. So maybe I should consider using Retin-A after all.....but then there is the problem of using either the Retin-micro or the normal stuff. Apparently the micro gel is alcohol based and will therefore dry out the skin a lot..not a good idea for dehydrated skin like mine....but there is a reduced risk of other irritation because of the time release. Then there is the nomral retin cream, which apparently has pore blocking ingridients, but then again will provide more moisture. Also...could consider
  15. Hi, I just need some help as to what to do next! I am taking tetracycline and has cleared up my skin completely and the scars are healing slowly. However the pills give me bad headaches, and it's almost becoming unbearable as I get headaches normaly without taking the pills! Maybe I could half the dosage to 250mg a day......So, I was just wondering what topical things are out there to help me combat the acne and also the amount of oil that my skin produces. Which by the way is unbelievable!! I