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  1. GAH! One day before I leave for vacation I of course get a HUGE ZIT! I haven't had anything like that in at least two months! But the thing is that it is "swollen" right now, and I want to pop it to reduce the "ugliness". I have tried to pop some, but first there came pus out, and then some clear liquid kinda thing came out, so I havent reduced it enough. I am sure there are more pus in there, but I am scared that this will cause it to become a wound, which definately will look even worse. How
  2. Hi, I ordered the jojoba oil and the moisturizer last week and I got the today (awesome shipping time to europe ). But when they came the products were cold and the jojoba oil had like some "bumps" in it (like when the milk gets old ) Does this affect the efficeincy of the products?
  3. Havent replied here in a while. My treatment is going well but I still havent bought Jojoba/the moisturizer. Hopefully I'll order it tomorrow. Merry Christmas
  4. Hello. I am currently on a antibiotic regimen but I have a bit flaky skin. I take antibiotic each day plus some creme I put on my face (Differin and one more thing). My acne is clearing up, but I have a bit flaky skin. So I was wondering if the moisturizer/jojoba oil from dan's might help me? The problem is that I am a bit afraid to change my regimen now because the acne is getting better. So will the products make me break out again? Or are they safe?
  5. I saw a drawing from 2001 where the artist did draw my cheeks asymmetric. I have never noticed it before. I still have bad self-confidence because of my cheeks. Sometimes I can stand in a mirror for like half an hour to decide whether it is noticeable in real life or not. Sometimes I feel ugly, sometimes I think it's ok. Anyone know how to get over it and how to work on my self-confidence?
  6. Thank you agein for replying. You guys are awesome And it is taken from the worst angle. From the sides you can't notice the asymmetry. The next time I visit my dentist I'll bring up the topic with him. I think it looks worse in pictures than in the mirror. I don't know why, but perhaps it has something with the lights and stuff? And sometimes I can notice it easier than other times.
  7. I'll ask my dentist. Do you think the problems may be connected? It feels like I can "click" it into a place but then it just keep falling out. Anyone know if there is anything which I can do with it, or do I just have to start accepting it?
  8. ok, but what do you think about that I can only "click" on one side? Is that something to worry about? I also wonder if it always has been there, or if it has grown wrong.
  9. hehe You can see that there is a difference right? Are you being honest or are you just lying to make me feel great? Perhaps it is me who looks at myself too much in mirrors to find errors on myself...
  10. But when I meet new people I often think like "please don't notice my asymmetric cheeks, please". And you can see that they are very unlike each other in the picture (but I have to be honest and say that they does not look that bad irl)
  11. As you can read in the topic title my cheeks are asymmetrical. It looks like one of the is bigger than the other. It kinda sucks. I avoid being taken photo of, because my face looks so... you know, crap. I dunno if it is something which has always been there or not. Berhaps my jawbone has grown wrong or something. I can also see it in the mirror. Sometimes I think like "hey, it's not that bad after all", but other times I feel like it looks worse. This bothers me way more than my acne. None of m
  12. That's nothing. Stop wasting your time here