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  1. im confused about this post. U look fine, maybe u should talk to a therapist about this.
  2. Just mention what worked 4 u. I have bad acne and ppl have told me b4 to try proactiv or some products that have worked 4 them. I don't mind. Unless she is very sensitive about her skin, just mention that u use BP and its worked wonders for your skin. Ppl learn about new products by word of mouth, thats how i learned about retin-a and epiduo.
  3. No, I don't get intimidated..I think I'm fairly attractive..lol.. but I do get embarrassed and extremely self conscious when no one around me has acne and everyone has baby soft smooth skin!! I hate that~~
  4. single with mild acne...but i was still single when my face was clear..I dont think its the acne, i have other psychological issues right now in my life...
  5. i tried it b4 but stopped b/c i had a allergic reaction to it.
  6. Wow, Im glad I found this thread! I can relate 100% to everyone's post, especially bollywood's replies. For me, its not so much active acne but the numerous marks and discoloration of my skin that acne has left behind. I am in nursing school and its soo annoying having to wake up 45 minutes earlier to apply makeup and look "normal". I can't stand when ppl think ur wearing makeup for attention or to attract men. Yes, some girls do that but some of us are suffering and this is the only thing we ha
  7. moncj66

    Bio Oil

    no success at all, it made me break out more because its an oil and it clogs pores. I wouldn't recommend at all. I still have mine if u want it!
  8. IM also in the same boat as u, im 22 and never actually had a real "bf" I've dated back in high school and early college, when my acne cleared up a bit. WHen my acne came back it was worse than ever and many scars included, so now at 22 all alone again..life sucks..anyways, I feel ur pain, I just wanted to say ur not alone. I rarely leave my house now b/c of this. Some people don't understand its not that easy by saying "just go out and socialize". If it was that easy, don't u think we would ha
  9. honestly, when I had acne I didn't care at all maybe b/c i was a teenager and most of my friends had it also. BUt now that Im 22 and still suffer with MANY acne scars, active acnem & melesma, I am sooo self-conscious. I barely leave my house and reject offers from friends to go out. I really don't think u can relate unless u suffered with severe acne and acne scars, its hard. PPL do talk, even ppl in my class referred to me as the girl with the nasty skin, now I can never leave my house with
  10. interesting that it works for u, i tried it but it gave me an unnatural glow.that i didn't like and my hyperpigmentation marks were not fading! BUt, i found PCA phaze 13 gel, to be very good! Its only been 3 days, and its starting to fade, it seems stronger though..
  11. wow,, i thought i was alone all this time., its really comforting to know there are others out their like me and im not going crazy like everyone around me thinks. Its just hard facing the world seeing everyone with no skin problems. U feel all alone. thanks guys!
  12. I been hearing alot of good stuff about this green cream. i ordered my trial size yesterday. Hopefully it works for me too.
  13. I started retin A micro again but Im also taking vitamin A supplements? Is it safe to take vitamin A with retin A? Anyone do this? thanks
  14. well, i just started like last week using mederma. Its a really slow proccess, it seems like it works then other days i see no difference. Im just gonna finish the bottle and see what happens. I also been using emu oil, i dont know if thats helping also.