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  1. To add my two cents, sometimes less is more (conversely). Over the years ive started to use less product and moderate the amount of topicals. I think as a result it has helped. Not so long ago i had really oily skin - really really really oily skin. In an attempt to cure it i toyed with the idea of reverting to washing my face only once a day with a BHA cleanser. As a result my skin is less oily. Same idea with BP, i lowered that and have seen a positive effect. If i had to offer advice, it woul
  2. Hey, i am on Oxytetracycline at the moment - having been prescribed it over a month ago. I am currently taking a tablet twice a day (250 mg). So far i cannot say that it has been great. I still get spots now and then (one or two). My skin is still very oily which is quite annoying to be honest. Once i finish my prescription i will ask the GP if either i can try something else or potentially up the dosage. Overall i haven't noticed much difference while being on it. Just remember to take on a
  3. I can relate to the banter battle "no you dont" "yes i do". My doctor likes to say "you look fine. But I guess i can give you something if it bothers you that bad." It's almost like they make you think something is wrong with your mirror at home, or you're just making it all up in your imagination. I have the doctor on wed for the first time ever and at the moment my skin is not too bad (behaving itself for the time being). I think i may have a battle to get a prescription but after two
  4. My question is Can using benzoyl peroxide lead to oily skin? I have been using 5% BP for a long time now and my skin during the day is very oily. For something that is supposed to dry out the skin it has not been doing a great job. However, my theory is that it has probably infact dried out my skin and the skin is compensating by producing more oil. Is this a flawed theory? I would like to give SA a full hearted attempt - dabbled with it in the past - but the fear of a major breakout before
  5. Hello all, Well to summise my acne treatment, i have been using benzoyl peroxide consitently for 2 years now. I also regularly use BHAs/AHAs in the form of foam cleansers and alternative night treatments. Looking back on how my skin was to how it is now, in terms of spots, i have seen a massive improvement. I generally won't have more than 3 active spots on my face at any one time. However, regardless of the improvement for such a committed length of time using acne treatments my skin still per
  6. Generally i shave in the morning. So instead of using a cleanser i will use my scrub, wash my face, clean of the grit, and then apply my shaving cream. At night i will use my cleanser to get rid of the dirt accumulated throughout the day. (i like to shave in the morning straight after my shower) This doesnt case irritation at all. Facial scrubs provide exfoilation to sweep away dead cells lying on the surface of the skin so it is quite a good idea to do anyway, regardless of shaving. However,
  7. Yeh i use a facial cleanser every morning and night. At the moment i am using a benzoyl peroxide active ingredient face wash. Prior to that i was using Menscience facial cleaser which has AHA/BHA ingredients namely salicyclic acid and glycolic acid. I use a seperate facial scrub when i shave, however, this step replaces my morning use of facial cleanser. So, the scrub washes my face and also prepares my beard. Do not use a cleanser followed by a scrub because this will only intensify irritat
  8. The razor you use won't pick up dirt/bacteria quickly as long as you properly wash it after use. I tend to take 5 shaves with the same blade before changing to a new one. I make sure before i put it away that the blade is clean to the eye. I shave about 2-3 days and don't notice that my shaving contributes to my acne. Do not get me wrong i still get spots here and there but i think they are developing regardless of my shaving technique. I take pride in my shaving. My best discovery was u
  9. I use Gillette Sensor Excel (2 blade) and it is awesome. I used to use the Mach 3 power but this razor is much better. Personally i think i get a closer shave as well as a more comfortable shave. Before shaving i use a facial scrub to soften the beard then apply a good shaving cream (at the moment i am using Zirh shaving cream - good gear). The facial scrub i use is made by Menscience, it is quite expensive but also pretty decent. Cannot recommend Sensor Excel enough though ... wont revert ba
  10. Dont be lazy, search on google or on the website!! There is loads of threads on "what is the difference... " have a look!!
  11. Sometimes less is more. i know Dans regimen encourages using a lot of BP but in the early stages use only a sufficient amount to cover the spots u want to cover (do not over do it). I have been on BP for well over 6 months now and my tolerance is quite high but in my early stages of the regimen i suffered from dryness and tight skin (lines like you mentioned). Advice wise, take it easy ... do what the product says e.g. light layer around skin, and work on from there. Just remember to be persis
  12. In your opinion, do you think Mandelic is better than Salicylic Acid against the prevention of blackheads? Ive been on SA for quite a while now and while i have noticed a great decline in pustules i have seen an increase in blackheads centered on my nose (bad times). I am thinking mandelic might be a good choice for my stubborn blackheads, do you agree?
  13. Shaving can be quite a nightmare on the regimen. I know you are using an electric shaver and there is a lot of good press that these will help the breakout of acne but this does not need to be the case when comparing with a manual shaver. A good regimen with a manual shaver - in my opinion - can really help with acne. Here is my shave regime:- As suggested by Dan, i went out and got myself the Gillette Sensor Excel (two blade razor). Not only is it cheaper on blades, i find it provides an equ
  14. apparantly AHA's are good for working on redness ... glycolic and salicylic acid being the favourites. At the moment i am using BP and SA and it has worked wonders. The BP removes the spots whereas the SA exfoiliates my skin bringing fresh new skin to the surface. In the past i was only using BP which did not help for my redness. However, since including SA i have noticed a much better complexion/skin tone.
  15. Hey, If you are looking for AHA products, this place does a lot: - http://www.bravuralondon.co.uk/ I purchased a 10% Glycolic Night Cream for them. Also, www.mankind.co.uk they offer a wide range of skin products ... even the Peter Thomas Roth line - which IMO looks quite good even though a bit expensive. Mankind is also a good website for reviews so even if you don't decide to purchase from them you can still get a feel for how effective the product may be through the reviews. With regard