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  1. I just seen your pics,

    and was wondering how are you now..?

    I have some scars and know the emotions it causes.

    take care :P

  2. Let me tell you that we have the same skin. the SAME skin (judging by your pictures). i had a cystic problem LAST YEAR (i think i only had active acne for like 4 months) which left purple and red marks that look about as intense as yours, and mainly on my cheeks also. dont get your hopes up with it going away in 6-12 weeks, its bull (although everyone is different). its been 8 months and they are just a little bit lighter. i have tried laser treatments, but honestly if i were u i would wait a go
  3. when they say not to wear contacts while on accutane, LISTEN to them. i started losing eye sight more and more everyday to the point of being legally blind (with my contacts on) and dangerous on the road! i went to the eye doctor and they said that accutane can caust Caratosis, its like dry eyes but it damages the cornea and you can lose your eyesight. ugh. it was super frustrating to have to pay 500$ to get my eyes tested for everything in the books...and my $300 gucci glasses had to be retired
  4. goodness goodnes goodness. BEEN THERE...shit, i AM there! i had the greatest skin, best clothes, hottest boyfriend, you name it..and then stress hit...my hot boyfriend left me, and i got NASTY LOOKING! no joke. way worse than yours (Though very similar)...its weird because i was sooo confident and outgoing, but never COCKY before...like people would tell me i was sooo pretty and id be like "whatever i am NOT!" but now i would give my right lung to look like that again, as shallow as it seems. i
  5. i would wait, because the wind SUCKS (trust me) while youre on accutane, and im only in it when i walk to class! and the sun reflecting off of the snow will be terrible for your skin, if it gets too burned or dry, it can scar worse. but dont wait too long to get on accutane, consider ending your skii season soon (i know its hard, i cant snowboard this season cuz of it!!!!!), because i waited an extra 4 months to start accutane, and the cystic acne scarred my face SEVERELYYYYYYYY! i know it takes
  6. alright. ive been reading and reading and reading and reading hoping someone would have already asked this question haha, but..nope...so here goes! BFG!: FIRST OF ALLLLLLL:i just started taking accutane about a month ago, and i dont doubt accutane at all because it cures about 70% of people who take it, which is pretty incredible. but it sucks because im not suppose to use my perscription topicals or anything, so im still breaking out. since none of the things in your regimen or harsh, is it po
  7. oh goodness, im on day 35 of accutane or something near that, and i feel yaaa! my face was SOOOOOO dry over thanksgiving break that i almost didnt go to the family dinner, it was NASTY, and a cousin did say ''hey suzie dont get your skin flakes in my food.'' THATS attractive. when i came back from the break, my mom got me a good sugar scrub for my face *you can get them anywhere, like bath and body, or make them from a recipe like we did, we got it online*, but be sure to use your prescription
  8. Hi! let me tell you, as if we could forget the beasts on our faces, the physical pain is a constantly reminding us! its ridiculous. im from a tiny town where everyone knows everyone, and rumors and gossip can get out of control...a lot of drama happened in my life, and my boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me, and the stress caused SEVERE acne. it was one of the most painful (emotionally) experiences i could have everrrr gone through, and now i scars on my face to remind me for the rest of my da
  9. ohhsuzieq

    Accutane! Finally

    i hope its not too late!