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  1. Thanks for your suggestion and for sharing experience. Everything I read said to be patient through the purging, so I was. But after 6 weeks, it was still getting worse every day. I couldn’t bear to leave the house. I went from having maybe 3 cysts (which at the time I thought was bad - OH HOW WRONG I WAS) to so many I couldn’t count. My jaw was so swollen I looked like I had my wisdom teeth taken out. It was bad enough that my dermatologist told me to stop the tazorac. He said he would have exp
  2. This is my first time starting a forum! I’ve been on these message boards for weeks now looking for support so thought I’d go for it. I started dealing with a resurgence of acne in September of last year, age 28 (now 29). It was consistently mild and linked to my period. After several months of trying spironolactone, changing my diet, and changing up my skin care, I saw no improvement. It actually got worse. So my dermatologist put me on Tazorac .1% cream every other night and finacea gel m