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  1. Hey I had same problem as you guys with scars occurring on accutane. My scars cleared up when I stopped accutane and started taking vitamin a (retinol). You guys probably think that its crazy to take vitamin a right after taking accutane, but honestly, it was the only thing that cleared up my scarring post accutane. I took about 400 000 IU of retinol over the course of a month or so, and by the end of that month my skin looked 75 percent better.
  2. I started taking retinol 2 weeks ago at 25 000 IU a day. This is a high dosage according to modern medicine, and supposedly has a whole host of dangerous side effects. However, I have experienced no side effects, and my scars have improved and my skin seems to be healing from new pimples MUCH faster. My overall health seems to have improved from this. I'm sleeping better, slower more relaxed heart rate, clearer mind. Also, my seborrheic dermatitis has cleared up fully. And, strangely enough, I
  3. Wow major improvement. Quick questions: Did you ever take accutane? Also, have you broken out at all since the procedure?
  4. As far as I know no one in my family has diabetes. The doctor said there is no definite way to know what causes it, but he did say my cholesterol and triglycerides levels were slightly higher than normal (from the accutane) which can put people at a higher risk.
  5. I don't really know what to say. Before taking accutane, I was 19 years old, 180 pounds with 9 percent body fat. I took it for a month and a half. Then I started getting stomach pains, a rash that would not go anyway, frequent urination, shallow breathing, and a feeling of hunger that would not stop. I ended up going to a physician to get these things checked out. He runs a blood test, turns out I have type 2 diabetes. I've heard dreadful stories about accutane, but I never thought anything wo
  6. 19 year old college sophomore here, and I'm garnering the vibe that many people seem to think I'm on steroids. I'm a decent sized guy, 185 about 5'11 with a giant upper body and chicken legs as others have affectionately dubbed them. I have started taking acctuane, and the initial breakout has reeked absolute havoc on my skin. Since this break-out everyone I know is making jokes about me on steroids. At first I thought it was a temporary thing that was gonna pass soon, but the other day a guy I
  7. Without insurance, even generic accutane can run upwards of 400 dollars a month! Anyone else feel a shudder of conspiracy theory in the air? If accutane was truly a free market drug, ie. no regulation, then its price would be dramatically less than it is today. Obviously, it doesn't cost near the amount to produce that it retails for, meaning someone is making huge profit of our misfortune. Who is making this profit? Partly the pharmaceutical companies, but also the dermatologists themselves.
  8. This whole thread has just reminded me of how badly Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas needs a sequel.
  9. Thats why America's roadways are freakin deathtraps. If you have 4 limbs and the patience to stand in line for the damn test, you'll most likely pass. In reality it has little to no reflection upon your actual deftness at operating a 2000 pound metal monstrosity.
  10. There's nothing wrong with taking a hiatus from society every now and then.
  11. Only because she didn't crash and kill him. Then you'd be singing a different song. Taking care of her child?LMAO....ok, letting him fall out of the highchair? Or almost dropping him cause she couldn't concentrate on her starbucks latte? Baby seat positioning opposite of what every expert in the country advises? She could use lessons, that's all I'm saying. I'm not saying that she's perfect. But these mistakes are fixable. I think people are seeing the worst in each situation that has ha
  12. IMO karma is total bullshit. Its just something people believe in so that they can sleep easier at night and think ''He'll get his someday!!!!'' while crying themselves to sleep at night. Your young and probably hot, do what pleases you. This is not suddenly going to turn into habit, its not an addictive substance for god's sake. Have your fun, your shits and giggles, and move on. Most men would probably play you for sex faster than you would believe. Why not have your turn?
  13. Ask yourself why you aren't interested in him. Is it because his face and body are absolutely atrocious, or is it simply due to his lackluster intellegence, or is it because of a particularly pugnacious odor? I recommend you find the reason which causes his unattractiveness and inform him about it. This way he can better himself, and perhaps become a more appealing candidate for future ladies.
  14. I'm getting some plastic surgery done in a month, and I'm rather curious to see if people are a little nicer and warmer to me off the bat. I'm gonna be sure to act just as I do now, but we'll see if people reactions toward me change simply based on how I look.
  15. People, according to the new issue of Newsweek, holding in emotions and concerns correlates with increased teste growth. Real men bottle things up and let them explode in unfortunate (but often hilarious) situations. *leaves to take sexual frustration out on a midget riding a unicycle*