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  1. I found this site by accident today and have read the guys sales pitch it just sounds too good to be true and his claims seem exagerated. But the only way to find out is to buy his book and see if his treatment works I suppose. what does everyone think gimic or for real? Heres the link *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *
  2. what i did was buy 7 or so really cheap white T shirts then put the BP on at night with the white shirt and then in the morning when you go for a shower it is all washed off. therefore no bleached clothes
  3. Hey im not sure about the products you should use but would it be wise to allow him to tattoo over areas that have broken out could this not mess up you tattoo or worse cause infection and scarring in that area? try the regime and if you are not already work up to a full dosage of BP lotion as shown in the regime. good luck
  4. hey CDNGUY i totally agree with what u have to say to be fair your shouldnt let the fact that you have acne rule your life. Most of the time chilling out with my friends, going out and having some fun lets me forget the fact that i have this condition and i know that my mates like me for who i am. every one on this board knows how it feels when they have broken out badly and has to face work or school or whatever. but should you let that rule your every day life? we just have to make the best of
  5. Hi and thanks for the replies. I will continue with the BP until the whole bottle is gone but if there are no results then I'm not sure if holding to the routine is worth it. Also I believe that trying different routines is good so I will try something and if there is no improvement in say 6months I will change to something else. Also I would like to take BP as a topical treatment and also try an oral treatment too such as vilantae, a 2 pronged attack if you will. In answer to your question
  6. Hi There I guess now officially I have adult acne as I have just turned 21. Im really down right now as I had set myself a target to be rid of my chestne by the time i was 21. It seems my battle is not yet over in fact it seems to be getting worse. I am using the regime here of Benzoyl Peroxide and have used around half of the 8oz bottle. I have kept strictly to the regime and have to say seen very little in the way of results. I need to try something else soon I have pretty much exhausted a
  7. Hi yes I succesfully used Accutane for back acne it worked very well i have been off accutane for over a year now and the back acne is still gone. Only sometimes I will find a small pimple or so. Unfortunatly my neck and Chestne is back so it did not cure every where completely
  8. robbiss


    my Chestne
  9. Hi yes I was sad but not depressed to this extent about it but I havn't had a eposide of depression ina while it comes and goes which is the weird thing. Accutane definetly helped me greatly but was the cost too high i don't know. if it has caused this depression that is.
  10. I know some days could be put down to sadness but others cannot be explained due to this. Some days I wont leave the house will skip off classes and others I just don't feel like interacting with people friends, work Colleagues or just anyone in general. sometimes its a feeling of dread and hopelessness but i dont really have much to be depressed about either other than acne. Also I smoked a bit of pot while on accutane which now when i smoke it leads to major depression while im stoned which th
  11. Hi people my names robbie I was on accutane for around a year and since coming off it i get quite severe episodes of depression which can last sometimes a day or maybe longer. This side affect is mentioned on the packaging but I was wondering how common it is? Even though ive been off the accutane a while now I still get depressed but i put it down to the fact that I am still not spot free and this is the cause because that is mainly why I am depressed. Has anyone else experienced this? and I w
  12. my worst one was when i was getting my hair cut and my neck was severely bad. I didnt want to be there in the first place getting my hair cut is one thing i hate because my neck is so bad. the hairdresser just says wow your necks got a lot of spots on it but the look she gave me one of disgust like she didnt really wanna go near me was the worst bit and it was infront of about 3 or 4 people waiting in the que, I just wanted to curl up and die at that point.