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  1. I had each subcision ~9 months apart. I had a tca cross once during my first subcision, and the boxscar scarring softened a little bit. After the 2nd subcision, my scars improved 50% from baseline. The filler was incredible-- I would never get subcision without filler. I'm sure I could've had two subcisions 6 months apart and the results would have been the same. The filler lasted forever so I didn't feel the need to go back until 9 months later. The depth of my scars has lessened, bu
  2. I've had 2 cannula subcisions (with hyaluronic acid filler), and got great results-- about 50% improvement. I have severe acne scars on my cheeks, with mostly boxcar scaring left. The cannula + filler erased my rolling scars. I spoke to beautifulambition a few years ago, who seemed convinced I needed nokor subcision. I'm leaning towards TL for that reason.
  3. Hi guys, I'm considering using a Taylor Liberator for subcision. My doctor says there will be a scar at point of incision, and I'm guaranteed to get a hematoma. My understanding is that worst case scenario, the hematoma will last ~3 months. I'm okay with getting a hematoma if my skin improves in the long run. Have any of you received a Taylor Liberator Subcision? There is not much information about it on the forums here. Any responses would be appreciated! For those of you who are
  4. Hi guys, Can anyone suggest the cheapest RF microneedling in the United States? I live in California but I'm willing to travel. Please let me know!
  5. Hi you guys, If anyone wants to know more information just PM me, and I'll let you know the price and the clinics I went to For the record, I emailed every clinic listed in this article: 10 ENGLISH-SPEAKING DERMATOLOGISTS IN SOUTH KOREA. I think the doctors featured there are all legitimate, and they are very quick to respond with questions. If you visit Korea, I recommend seeing a few of these doctors for consultations in person-- it was only then when I figured out the best doctors/trea
  6. Just a quick update. I went to Korea and got subcision (not sure what kind of needle was used, but it was very thin) with HA filler. I also got a fraxel the next day. Here's the best part-- the fraxel. I've had three fraxels in the United States prior to this. I have fitzpatrick IV skin, and my fraxels in the past where performed at a low density to prevent hyper pigmentation. Unfortunately I got severe skin discoloration anyways. The fraxels were also extremely painful, I'd rate the pain
  7. Wow thank you guys for going out of your way and posting all of this information! Especially the information about Korea, I really appreciate it! I don't think I will get my subcision in Korea now, but I might as well go to the consultation and see what they say. I will probably get my subcision done with Dr. Rullan. I'm still considering getting my fraxel done at a clinic in Korea (not a mini fraxel, but a fraxel dual 1550), which has pretty good reviews. I have ethnic skin though, so
  8. I am traveling to Korea next month and I found a doctor who is willing to do subcision and fraxel on my entire face for a very low price. The subcision needles available are "23G needle, or blunt cannula". I'm not so sure what they mean by "23G needle", and whether that's nokor? I am considering this although I am worried about doing this surgery abroad. The doctors work in English speaking clinics in Seoul so I assume I'm in safe hands. The study states they used a 24G needle, although th
  9. Thanks for your incredibly helpful response. For subcision, would you say that the risk for skin texture issues is based more on the patient's healing ability, rather than the doctor's expertise? The reason I ask is because I hear Dr. Rullan is very "aggressive" with his subcision, and I'm not sure if that is something to be wary of when it comes to choosing doctors. I was thinking about doing a nokor subcision with Dr. Rullan for my entire cheek area and then using the cupping method. I
  10. Hi, I have been on a long journey to fix my acne scars. I know I have boxcar scars, although I am unsure if I have any rolling scars. I had 3 fraxels in 2011, but that was before I broke out with more scars. I am thinking about getting subcision. The fraxel had a great effect on my cheeks, but not on my forehead. I am planning to see Dr. Rullan for subcision in San Diego, although I have seen users post pictures of subcision causing skin texture problems afterwards. I think I have seri
  11. Hi guys, I am traveling to Korea and looking for doctors who perform subcision. It's difficult to find anything on the internet because I don't speak Korean. I'm not sure how to find the best doctors! Does anyone know where to start looking, or have any recommendations? Side note: I'm interested in one subcision treatment in order to replicate the results from this study on acne scars.