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  1. Thank you both for the help and recommendations. One final question . I realize Ha filler is temporary and that is fine. I would never use something permanent like bellafill, silicon etc. But, does HA filler still stimulate collagen? Basically, I'm asking is it possible that after a while ( years) the dent might fill in itself from the filler stimulation that I would probably top off every 6 months to a year? Also could subcision help? I know it's mainly used for deep tethered scars . Here's ano
  2. Thank you for the information. These are the scars I'm dealing with. As you can see my chin is totally uneven and the long vertical scar is the one I hate the most. What should my plan of attack be? Also, should I even bother with local derms or go directly to a specialist in field. I'm in upstate ny so it looks like Novick or i think Rappaport in New Jersey . Also, I know I have some texture issues on my cheek, but my chin is what is of most concern .I've also lost a significant amount of weig
  3. Is it true that it takes a year for a scar to "remodel" and look how it will permanently ? I'm interested in fixing an atrophic scar on my chin. I also have a few hypertrophic scars on my chin as well. All my scars came from taking massive amounts of hormones for IVF (InVito Fertilization) I stopped taking all the hormones and no more active acne. So, my question essentially is , is it better to give the scar time to mature or act now? I'm not too far from Dr . Novick and after stalking this pag