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  1. Try chemical peel your redness will improved in 4 to 5 days don't worry
  2. Hey bro I'm also indian first of all they are mixed scars I mean open pores + ice pick scars please don't apply anyt on your skin you are making your skin worse and worae even I have same scars just look like yours if anything helps you then it's Tca & co2 laser Edit by MOD: Contact Details, no advertising allowed of services or personal information.
  3. Please don't perform any roller or laser. On your skin it's look like your scars. Are new please wait 1 / 2 years and see if scars still there then you have two choices Tca & co2 laser please don't make your condition worse I have same scars on my cheeks from last 10 months but now I'm seeing result my skin heeling itself my scars got 30% improvement don't try co2 or tca now because your scars are at their starting position
  4. Altaf raja

    Is this a scar? Can it heal?

    I have Same but side area on nose
  5. Altaf raja

    Ice Pick Scar On Nose Tip

    Any improvement in your second treatment
  6. Altaf raja

    Nose Scars Temporary Fix

    hey are you stupid or you have extra money look at your nose its look like cool you dont need any treatment if you see my nose scars definatly you will also start cring
  7. Altaf raja

    Will subcision help? Pics included

    Guys I'm using Natural treatment and Diet believe me im fealling Much different in my acne scars + large pores :)))
  8. Altaf raja

    Scarred Pores on Nose Joining Together...at a loss

    Hello brother I showed your pictures I think lasers are very bed for nose area according to your pictures I also seen many other pictures they said laser make my skin worse stay update here
  9. Altaf raja

    Large Pores on Nose

    I'm taking some natural treatment let's see what happen but brother please take daily picture to make sure that you are getting some results or not because my pores was new that's why I'm not taking any treatment like lasers one you get results so defentily I will also go for co2 thanks and keep updating your results
  10. Altaf raja

    Bump On Nose ((Sebaceous Cyst / Scar)

    I have a solution for this use Be healthy your scars fill within some years
  11. Altaf raja

    Ice Pick Scars Or Big Pores?

    Well you have to understand one thing is you can't get ride of this type of problem so be patient and keep clean your face
  12. Altaf raja

    Large Pores on Nose

    Dear please update your results well I have different type of scared pores on my nose in my opinion I have no hope I have permanent scared pores
  13. Altaf raja

    Scarred Pores On Nose

    Well anyone get some results I have same problem @paigems now 5 years tell me any improvement you get please