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  1. Hmm, I think im the opposite haha, When i shave my facial hair, its flakey afterwards, But I heard a lot of people shave everyday and their better off that way Maybe I should try shaving everyday, Then finally ill have some sideburns one day haha Cool, I'll check it out. I find that I dont flake as much if I shave every day. I dunno, it seems that when my facial hair grows in, it makes me flakey. <shrug>
  2. try some jojoba oil... I used it the other day and it tooks the flakes away instantly it was awesome.. i got it from the vitaminnee shopp
  3. I used BP "Benzoyl Peroxide" and that got rid of 3 out of the 4 whiteheads i had in one day.. also, i washmy face with sea salt and that also helped with the white heads hope this helps you! i know how annoying whiteheads are PEACE
  4. I have 2 nitro cars, I think im going to have to get them off the shelf in the closet and race them again! its so much fun

  5. Your pics aint bad bro, Looks like your almost clear to me

  6. I have same problems with the dry flakey skin, its terrible sometimes its my entire face, its almost impossible for me to cleanse my face without it drying like crazy I finally found a cleanser that beats all the others , its called PURPOSE "Gentle cleansing wash" It doesnt dry my face to bad But anyways ... I agree with the hot water being no good,i never had good results when i took long hot showers, even though its cold now and thats all we want to take haha Everyone says to use LUKE WAR
  7. thanks bro! those were taken on good days haha

  8. Hey your face looks great in those pictures!

  9. mikey1987


  10. hahahaha, very true

  11. You look quite fierce in that picture.

  12. Thanks for the help guys Is their anything I can use then that will help with the old pimple bumps, red spots, and minor scares? thanks again
  13. I have a few questions I have been browsing this messag board for a while and I have learned quiet a few new things. But I still have a few questions to ask.. As of now, I have a few whiteheads, and a nice big red mark on my cheek that started as just a bump underneath my skin. Well anyways, i dont get to many pimples anymore, i have ALWAYS had decent sized pores on my cheeks FOREVER. and dont really break out that much but still get them once in a while and have red marks a little bumps