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  1. I went to the Derm once before to get help. The regimen he put me on didn't work at all, if anything it made it worse. I went on Proactiv for about a year and it never really cleared my face. I started usin Dan's regimen a year ago and it really worked. The cyst I got recently is the first one I've had in about a year. I've found that you have to stay with a regimen at least 4 months to see if it works or not. My acne is gettin better considering I may be growin out of it as I get older. I
  2. That's what the Dermatologist told me this morning. He said to use Vasoline, didn't know it had any healing effects?
  3. Just had a cyst popped by a Derm. Wondering what I should put on it to heal it? What will help out the most to help the healing process? Any suggestions?
  4. Well, I got in to the Derm. this morning. Oh sweet relief!!!! The shot does suck, but it is well worth the drainage. I think the glass tech. helped in forcing it all in one place. Didn't take long for the Derm to get it all out. Now on to the next phase. Anything I should or shouldn't put on it to help the healing process? I want to help the healing process, just don't want to put something on that will make it worse. Will that Queen Helene Mint Mask help? thanks for all the advice!!
  5. The glass tech. did do the trick. I did it a couple of times and i think it helped. I haven't been able to drain it, but its a lot smaller than it used to be. This one is just becomin a pain in the ass! I would get it takin care of by a Derm. but they are all booked up even my Doctor. I'm just tryin to get it dried up and create a head so that I can drain some of it. It is just takin a long time to kill this one!
  6. what's the best way to heal the cyst once I start draining it?
  7. Thanks for the tips! Another question, have you ever had a cyst that gets swollen? It looks like its joined forces with other possible pimples in the area! I'll try your glass technique again tonite, but it looks like there could be multiple heads. Hopefully I can get into the Derm on Monday cause I think this one may require some specialized help. What a shitty gift for Thanksgiving. This cyst just appeared on Tuesday. :?
  8. my cyst is still under my skin and hasn't become red. I have no idea where the head is goin to be. It just feels massive and its very tender. Should I still try the glass trick or should I wait for the Derm? I'm just ready to get some relief from this sucker quickly.
  9. I can't get in to the Derm until monday, which sucks! This cyst is massive, its about the length of my forehead. What's the best way to make the swelling go down for now? Looks like someone clocked me between the eyes! I'm thinkin about goin to my Doctor who is in today! Do you think he could do just as good as a Derm?
  10. which side of the glass do I put on the cyst? The top or the bottom? How long did it take to heal after you visited the derma for the cortisone shot? Thanks for the tip though
  11. I've done some researching on cyst's, cause a major one has formed on my forehead. I've had them before but always ended up handling them the wrong way. I'd like to make this one go away fast and painless. Any OTC suggestions? Does gettin a cortizone shot from a Derm. work immediately? Can you tell that your face has been shot with cortizone right away? I've never had one and was wondering what they are like. Any comments regarding cortizone shots would be great. Thanks!