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  1. Has anyone tried to stop using moisturizers for 6-12 months? Perhaps the skin doesn't produce sebum just because it doesn't need to?
  2. Michelle: How do you manage your dry skin? Jojoba oil helps me. Brandy: I'm 33 year old male, I shave with electric shaver and wash only with water a couple times a week. I did some research and it looks like I'm not alone. Long-term damage from BP seems to be similar to that of accutane. I also have eczema, I never had it before and it doesn't "run in my family". I always thought of BP as "milder" topical equivalent of accutane. I couldn't find any information about how BP actually
  3. I was on acne.org regimen for 7 years. I had clear skin, but too many side effects (mostly angular cheilitis), so I quit it one year ago. I am worried because bottom half of my face is still totally dry. It looks like my sebaceous glands are permanently damaged there. Anyone with similar experience?
  4. I have acne since my teens. I am now 32 year old. I started with acne.org regimen when I was 27 and it worked great. I am perfectly clear today. However, also at age 27 I got nasty keratosis pilaris ("chicken skin") on my upper arms and I still have it today! And I never had it before in my life! I don't think this is coincidence! Does anyone have an idea what is going on?
  5. I am successfully on DKR for 4 years. Last 2 years I have problems with angular cheilitis (corners of my mouth are very red). After seeing that this is not caused by food (vitamin B,...) I started to suspect that BP is causing this. Does anybody else here have problem with lips after using BP? How close to lips do you go when you apply BP? I did an experiment for 2 weeks. I kept BP far away from lips. At the end they looked better than ever, but I got breakouts in corners of my mouth.
  6. Thanks for warning. I tried jojoba, but it didn't help. Does anyone know how much vitamin B should I take in case that this is caused by vitamin B defficiency?
  7. Do you mean this: http://global.burtsbees.com/natural-produc...d-lip-balm.html And this cured your angular cheilitis?
  8. I don't take accutane, but I know some of you who are taking it get angular cheilitis, so maybe you can help me. I have this condition for 3 months and I never had it before. I don't think it's due to dryness, because I moisturize well with balm and don't lick my lips. I think it was caused by bad nutrition (no vegetables etc.). First I had open wounds. My doctor gave me antiseptic cream. I used it for 3 weeks, wounds closed in 2 days, after that there was no change. So it's not infected any
  9. I figured it out. I was so afraid of flakiness that I did everything to prevent dryness. In the end my face was never dry. So here is one very important rule I was breaking: Wait for skin to COMPLETELY DRY before applying BP and moisturizer. I have some flakes now, but my skin is clear.
  10. I am taking vitamins A, B, C and E. I tried using AHA one night, but my skin was very irritated from it. I think supplements "cured" flakiness, which used to be an indicator of dryness for me. More flakes, more moisturizer. So now I don't know how dry my skin is and I don't moisturize it enough?
  11. I have been using acne.org regimen for around 2 years. My skin always used to be really extremely flaky. But in last half year there have been no signs of flakiness at all. Instead I have other problems: my skin looks dull and is full of rashes that look like clogged pores but are not zits. I didn't change anything recently in my regimen, except I added supplements: omega3, zinc, vitamins, selenium. Does anyone know what's wrong?
  12. I am talking about the acne.org moisturizer the whole time.
  13. Problem solved. It was the moisturizer. I threw it away and ordered a new one. Signs that your moisturizer needs replacement (according to my experience): - it's greasy - skin remains dry and flaky - comedogenic: lots of tiny rashes, especially below eyes - skin looks dull Hope somebody will learn from my trial & error.
  14. Unfortunately I only got rid of zits around my eyebrows. I still have breakouts around my mouth. The skin there is very dry and flaky. This was not a problem even in winter. I tried everything: more moisturizer, skipping BP, skipping washing in the morning, drinking more water, humidifier, better diet, supplements, more sleep, avoiding stress, more sports, more fresh air and sun,... The skin looks like when you use too much BP. I suspect there is something wrong with my acne.org moisturizer.
  15. Problem solved. Cause: irritation by contact during sleep. It took me 2 months to figure this out and I discovered it by accident. I now sleep strictly only on my back or I at least try not to turn my head to side. Skin is clearing fast. Frustration is over, I am very happy. Hope this will help somebody.
  16. Thanks for advice. I stopped touching my face at work and it didn't help. And I remember I did this in the past and it didn't cause breakouts. Yesterday my alarm clock woke me up and I noticed that I have been sleeping on my side and I had my hand between face and bed. I guess it was to avoid rubbing my face against the bed. But my hand was rubbing my face around eyebrows area. I think this is it: I'm rubbing my face during sleep.
  17. I've been using DKR for year and a half and my face has been perfectly clear. But in last two months I have constant breakouts. Excluded causes: - not enough BP - not being gentle and patient - too much sun - not enough water - not enough exercise - not changing towels and pillow cases I have a theory. I also have body acne, but it didn't get worse. The breakouts are only around mouth and eyebrows. Before DKR they were everywhere. I am lately under bigger stress at work and I noticed that when
  18. Here is my new regimen: Morning: 1.) dry shaving 2.) 1 splash, 1 pump of DKR cleanser, 3 splashes 3.) minimum DKR moisturizer Evening: 1.) 1 splash, 1 pump of DKR cleanser, 3 splashes 2.) minimum DKR BP 3.) minimum DKR moisturizer My skin doesn't look perfect but it's not flaky any more and I haven't seen a zit on my face for an entire month! I am amazed. Basically I reduced BP application to once daily and it still works.
  19. Thanks for help everybody. SuperFly, I have a question. How do you combine Eucerin and Cetaphil? Eucerin at night and Cetaphil in morning? Or you apply both each time? How?
  20. I tried Cetaphil and it helped me the most because it's very greasy. My skin is not dry and tight any more but I'm still flaky. What is the purpose of moisturizers anyway: - to prevent future flakiness by hydrating skin - or to simply hide existing flakes? Will the problem be smaller in summer? Would exfoliator help (for example this one)? Would reducing pauses between washing, BP and moisturizing help?
  21. Nothing seems to help much. Is there ANY treatment for acne that doesn't dry out skin? I am planning to visit a dermatologist.
  22. I am 7 weeks into DKR and occasionally still get a zit which I want to hide. Can I use this product: Eucerin Control & Cover stick? It contains salicylic acid.
  23. Thanks Brandy. I just tried this Eucerin. It's very light. After it absorbs I'm flaky again. Should it give results immediately or over a period of days? Could I change something in my regimen to reduce flakes: Morning: 1.) Dry shave, wait 15 min. 2.) Wash with DKR cleanser, 1 pump, wait 5 min. 3.) Apply BP, full amount, wait 5 min. 4.) Moisturize with Eucerin, add many drops of jojoba Evening: 1.) Wash with DKR cleanser, 2 pumps, wait 5 min. 2.) Apply BP, full amount, wait 5 min. 3.) Moisturiz
  24. Looks like somebody restored database from backup. In that case it's most likely permanent. I lost posts too.