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  1. Is Taurine in large doses safe and will it achieve results faster, sort of like Pantothenic Megadosing? Has anyone megadosed on Taurine like you megadose on Pantothenic acid to see the results.
  2. Ladies & Gents, Need you help, I have previously been pigging out on banana's (4 per Day). I thought It would not effect me..seems my candida is back and I am geting cysts. I do the following - Anti Candida Supplement - Threelac - Aloe Vera Juice Holland & Barrett - Aloe Vera Gel Cream Holland & Barrett - No more Fcking Banana's - Ibuprofen tablets - Ibuprofen Gel cream for cyst tratment. What else can i take to accelerate my candida to die quickley? Also does Aloe Vera Gel Break
  3. I completely got off sugar. I had foods which contained less than 2%. I even cut carbohydrates of which sugar. I took a supplement called Anti Candi, I dealt with the die off period using Psyllium husk to scrape the candida away. I finally took threelac to completely get rid off the candida. Hope this helps.
  4. It took about 1 month to completley clear my candida. I took antii candida herbs and the die off period was painful. Eventually I got on threelac and the severity declined. I still get the occasional acne but I know it is because I have had candida promoting foods. Last one I got was prom peanuts... Any questions I am happy to help u.
  5. I am now 99% clear from my acne. I started getting acne from a very early age, I was always told I would eventually grow out of it. My entire childhood was ruined because I was prevented to bring out my real personality due to my severe acne. I became a recluse and contemplated suicide on a regular basis.. Eventually through research I have found my cure and I am writing articles to help people understand. I want to provide a free ebook which I am writing that will hopefully speed up your resea
  6. Take Ibuprofen, also rub some ibuleve or voltoral emulget, also ice and avoid inflammatory foods.
  7. Try some ibugel around that area, I use Volteral Emulgel, usually the inflammation subsides and nobody can recognise it.
  8. I have been 99% clear for about 6 months now. I found out that candida was my biggest problem. I am a bodybuilder and I need Protein, I take Soya Isolate and I feel my testosterone and Libido is waining and my ladyfriends have noticed I am asking for their services less. Is there a alternative to Soya that does not cause acne bearing in mind I use to suffer from cysts and candida and often get acne when I also consume eggs not of the freerange type. Please Please help.
  9. I am not being sensitive i only wanted support. Why are you trying to wind me up? is it fun for you or something? I just think that you are incredibly rude and didnt need to be so sarcastic why did you have to say anything? ScottC, stop being a dumass...
  10. Can instant oats cause acne? I usually get acne when I have sugar, is there a cereal out there that can be bought in the supermarket that wont cause acne?
  11. Your acne will subside, just do more research, this is the best website. Blaming God will not help you, without great hardship you will not appreciate ease, without bitterness yo wont be able to taste sweetness. Perservere and be patient. I actually felt the same way as you, blaming someone wont help, be productive and do something.
  12. Vilante will stop the oil glands, the side effects may be hair thinning. Dilema
  13. Looks like cystic acne which means is you do the following it should improve (1) Balance hormones (Fish Oils) (2) Avoid sugar and hydrogenated oil (3) improve digestion (4) clear bowels and improve regularity.
  14. This is my regimen Topically You need something that exfoliates skin (Benzoyl Peroxide) You also need something that promotes cell turnover (Differin) Supplements 1. Essential Fatty Acids (To balance hormones) 2. Psyllium Husk powder (2 tablespoones 3 times a day 2 hours after a meal) 3. Digestive enzymes 4. Betein HCL to break food down. 5. A good balanced multivitamin, or seperately A, B, C, E. 6. Acidopholus (3billion + 4 strain bacteria Like FiveLac) 7. Anti Candida su