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  1. Hi guys. I'm trying to improve my regimen in the shaving department. I really don't grow that much hair in one day to really NEED to shave every day but I recently decided I was going to try that and see what happens. If you can't guess, I have acne mostly on the parts of my face that require shaving (chin/cheeks). I've been trying endlessly to assess just what is causing the breakouts since they seem to be just contained to one specific area of my face. Among other things, I've considere
  2. Hi man. Don't mean to scare you or anything, but I had really similar circumstances and here's my story. I am 19, had acne since I was 14/15 (can't remember). I was prescribed Doxycycline in about March because I was fed up with unsuccessful OTC treatments and decided to go to the doctor. I took it for 3 months (because that's how long my prescription was) and was too lazy to schedule another appointment in time with the Doctor. Eventually I do go to the doctor about a week or two aft
  3. Here to update this thread guys. For whoever really cares here, I finally got rid of this stubborn wort. How you might ask? Well all it took were two visits to my derm. He used the nitrogen spray of course, but it definitely froze my skin much much better than any of those Dr. Scholl's things did. Still dont know if the BP affected it since I had been off the BP for a while now. Maybe we'll never know
  4. Hm strange I usually follow the rule that whatever is thinner goes on first which in my case (i think) is the BP. I don't use Dan's AHA specifically but a different brand. Of course I only use it at night (for now) so if it did make my skin shiny i wouldnt notice :\ I stay very far away from any sort of "pad" thing because most of the time it contains 2% salicylic acid. SA is good for some people dealing with noninflamed acne but Ive always broke out really badly and had my face tur
  5. Its similar to Lac-Hydrin 5 in the fact that it also contains an AHA to help exfoliate your skin while you leave it on. I have a question though: when you use the AHA cream during the day, you have to use a sunscreen, but could you get away with using a combination moisturizer/sunscreen on top of the AHA or would that leave your skin.... over moisturized? Maybe even oily? Is that a thing to worry about or is more moisturizer better?
  6. Hi guys. I searched the thread and couldn't exactly find the answer I was looking for so I'll just ask it here. I have used this regimen in the past but have stopped here and there because I'm just lazy. It works though, but I think its almost too much work if my face already looks alright. Anyway... I usually would mix the Baking Soda with a mild facial cleanser as a first step in the regimen. I have noticed that using a mild facial cleanser isn't enough for me so I have switched over t
  7. Glycolic Peels are highly-concentrated forms of Glycolic Acid in a solution you apply to your face like any other topical treatment (except with a cotton ball). The acid is left there for 2-6 mins and then washed off. The high % of acid helps stimulate turnover for skin cells and improves both minor scarring and red marks. There is a stickied thread here that discusses different solutions to red marks. Lactic Acid is actually recommended over Glycolic Acid to tread hyper pigmentation (red ma
  8. Hi guys I had recently purchased PC 2% BHA to use on a couple of blackheads on my nose and some white heads around my mouth. I used it for a while on my nose and occasionally on my chin to clear up mostly just the blackheads. Well the blackheads are gone now, so I decided to focus just on my mouth area. Turns out it made me break out BAD. This is an area I've always struggled with acne, and had finally just got it completely clear. I figured I was in the clear for BHA use on my whiteheads.
  9. just want to say here that i was about 99% free from any inflamed acne when i decided to go back to using Paula's Choice 2% BHA to get rid of the remaining white heads and possibly red marks. I was horrified to learn that I broke out HORRIBLY (worse than i ever was before i started the regimen... at least within the last year). Pimples EVERYWHERE and all within about 2-3 days. I'd highly recommend keeping any BHA away from post-active acne and keeping it only to blackheads. Use an AHA the
  10. wow i would have never thought this was what my problem was .... weird i've recently assessed that my problem with having the regimen only half-work is because i've not been gentle enough with my skin so i'm a little uneasy about going at my face with a toothbrush i guess this just means that i should really just shave every morning then huh
  11. Some days, I get hungry when I get out of the shower so I'll go eat right when I hop out. When I return to the bathroom to apply BP, my skin is usually all white and flakey... but after I apply BP this goes away, even if I don't moisturize... Is there anything strange about this? I am using Aqua Glycolic Cleanser (it has 12% AHA I think) and Dan's BP gel if it is important. Nothing major, I'm just curious.
  12. bump for any input i got a pm suggesting i check out milia treatments, but i am most certain that it is NOT milia, unless you get get them on your hands and in sizes much larger than any regular acne problem.