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  1. Oh wow, how was the healing process? I’m kinda scared of how long it will take to heal if I’m completely honest. I will definitely make sure to take a lot of good photos! Yeah it’s not the best timing. I will be in LA for most of the summer too lol.
  2. Hey everyone, I finally have an update. I will be going to see Dr Rullan on the 8th/9th of July for my phenol chemabrasion procedure!!! I am beyond excited, I haven’t had any treatments on my face in over a year and really want to do something for all the texture I have..
  3. Thank you! I’m so glad we have a pretty supportive community here, like we are all going through the same journey.
  4. I actually decided to look through my own thread which is like 9 pages long and some of my photos were taken when there was swelling and immediately after the procedure, then I would do follow ups and my skin would not look nearly as good. I think that was discouraging for some people seeing my thread, that yes I have had good improvements, but it has taken many years and I am still left with significant texture and scarring. Fixing extreme scarring is a HARD job, it will never ever be over and
  5. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6388783/#!po=1.42857 here’s an interesting study on chemabrasion... interesting before and after photos too.
  6. When are you planning on having this done? It seems a lot of us here are very interested in the phenol peel, I think there will be more detailed posts of it to come. When I go in for my peel I plan on documenting the entire process.
  7. Botox with a combination of filler will work wonders. I have done both. Although not permanent it will give instant results.
  8. The results weren’t great. I actually needed a lot of manual work done but I started off with lasers as I was told this was the best course of action. Spent a lot of money for basically nothing. I was told I would get 50% improvement and was desperate. But that is just my story and everyone’s story is a little different. Lasers have helped me in my scar revision journey so I’m not hating on them.
  9. I’m really interested in this procedure actually I think I have made my mind up at this point. The only thing that gets me is the downtime I have heard varying accounts. How long would you say before you start looking “normal”? IDGAF about redness I can cover that but I am a little scared. Do you believe the phenol peel is worth the money?
  10. Yes I have experience with this you will look normal most likely after two weeks. You can definitely wear make up at that time and there is no need to go into hiding for 6 weeks lol. I mean you’ll still be red and you’ll still be healing but you’ll look normal enough after the two weeks and make up will hide redness That’s my experience with fully ablative erbium. I’m not a stranger to aggressive laser treatments and that’s my experience.
  11. Yeah I have heard all that controversy surrounding Lim. The posts here have been increasingly more skeptical of him and I don’t want to invalidate anyone’s opinion/experience if they’ve had a bad one. I speak highly of him and think he’s a good scar revision specialist. But always do your own research I guess! That is so damn shady on BA’s part. Big yikes.
  12. Dr Peter Rullan, Chula Vista, San Diego, USA - I have been seeing Dr Rullan on and off for over a year. My scars have softened a lot due to the treatments I have received with him and I couldn’t be happier. His bed side manner and the rest of the staff are super friendly as well. For people unfamiliar with Dr Rullan, he offers a trio package which is subcision, cross carbolic and micro needling. This will set you back roughly $1750 USD (last time I checked). Dr Davin Lim, Brisbane, Aust
  13. Cry for help? Done with life? Seriously? I am not trying to minimise your issues or struggles here but this is completely fixable. This is really damaging to people who have severe scarring and it doesn’t get talked about enough. This comment will get deleted most likely but I am so done seeing people with minimal skin issues claiming their lives are “ruined” I had to stop visiting certain skin forums/communities as people would claim their lives are fucked over a few pimples. Absolutely ridi
  14. Yes I’ve had phenol cross and it’s softened some of my scars but I have a few very stubborn scars that just don’t budge.
  15. I’ve been following your progress and I think your results are incredible. Dr Rullan is a great scar revision specialist and I can’t wait to see him again. I must say, I agree with your comments regarding treatment improvement versus money spent. I have been on this journey since 2016/2017 and the money you will spend time and time again before any great improvement is achieved is a lot. Obviously worth it though. I am in the process of saving money so I can just do everythin
  16. Hey thanks! I’m still going for those who are interested. I’m currently saving money for treatments with Dr Rullan hopefully by May/June I can fly into the USA. I will be doing punch excision with him and maybe even the phenol peel might be an option at time stage.
  17. I don’t know anymore ;( sometimes I don’t think I’ve had much improvement at all, especially when I see myself in the mirror. It’s hard to judge these days I’m having a lot of bad skin days more often than not.
  18. Yeah that’s unfortunate I have two boxcars that will not close up no matter what. They are less deep but still there maybe punch excision is good for me? But I don’t know.
  19. Following this thread. I’m super interested in punch excision and it’s never really discussed by dermatologists or anyone on here for that matter
  20. I never got the feeling he was Lim in disguise just my opinion though.
  21. After doing some research, it looks like he now has his own website where you can basically buy a subscription plan and get ongoing support/advice on your acne scars. You can also just buy a one off scar plan if you're not interested in the monthly subscription. The minimum price is $35 dollars, however he does consider giving out advice for less than this if you have financial restrictions (I'm assuming USD but not sure on this). On the website there is endorsement from Dr Lim, Dr Steve Weine
  22. Oh wow $600 per cheek that’s ridiculous. I don’t remember paying that much per cheek... I never did sculptra with him I believe it is the more expensive filler. In Australia I paid less than $300 AUD for subcision. I miss those days lol.
  23. He’s decent but Rullan has the reputation and is really skilled with phenol cross and subcision. Prices for Rullan’s trio (laser, sub and phenol cross) is $1700 USD. Subcision by itself with Rullan is $1000 I believe. Not sure about phenol cross as a single treatment but it’s pretty expensive that’s why you get more bang for your buck doing the trio with Rullan. Ben Behnam TCA Cross was $600 USD, subcision was $600 USD and filler was $550 I believe and this was at the time I saw him la
  24. Following because I’m interested in this procedure as well. It’s not talked about much on here as I hear the outcome of the procedure is unpredictable at best
  25. thanks! I hope to continue my progress and continue documenting I have spent about $8k USD in 2019/2020 so far... In 2018 I spent about $7-8 AUSD excluding travel/accomodation expenses In 2017 I spent about $7 NZD (however I regret spending all of that money, total waste). I like filler however I watched a video on youtube about the long term effects of filler and it got me a little freaked. I have gone a bit overboard with filler and I'm scared of the long term eff