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  1. I’ve done it plenty of times and never had an issue. Just mask up and you’ll be fine.
  2. Since I’m nearly a year post-op, I’m thinking of posting some pictures and comparing them to my baseline pics as that will speak for itself. I’m struggling to find lighting that’s exactly the same as I’m no longer in the house I took my baseline photos in and the lighting where I’m at now isn’t exactly the same. I think if I got two phenol peels I would be golden haha but that’s not going to happen any time soon (so fucking expensive omg). I have terrible body dysmorphia from having acne scars h
  3. Yep I'm very excited lol I mentioned these scars are stubborn and I think he probably knows that since the peel didn't really "touch" them or improve them that much punch excision is probably the next logical step. I hope I can get some improvement even a little. How much did punch excision help your scarring overall? You must be over the moon to start your journey with the phenol peel this year.
  4. I wish I could see acne scarring from your point of view but I think I have a long way to go before I get there. I suffer from BDD as well. Acne scarring represents everything I hate about myself and I think about how much it has stolen from me and it just makes me incredibly sad. 100% would be a completely different person if I never had to suffer through this condition. And unfortunately our society is weak people flip out if they have a break out or two lol but I have to suffer through this a
  5. I could never get an answer from their office lol so can’t tell you exactly. But for punch excision, filler and subcision I was quoted 1760 I believe. The price of that quote will increase if he uses a full syringe of filler. So filler is about 500, subcision is 1000 and punch excision 250 (I think he’s only doing it for one scar). I know your question is about the trio specifically so I would guess the trio is around 2k but don’t know for sure I will ask in person. 1k for sub is absolutely ridi
  6. I just have to make a wire payment to secure my appointment with Dr Rullan but he recommends filler, subcision and punch excision for the stubborn boxcar scars. I'm really excited tbh but unfortunately Dr Rullan is all booked for June so my appointment won't be until July. I asked to be on the waiting list because I'm super eager lol.
  7. Yeah for me it’s about passing and in some lighting people have no idea I have struggled immensely with acne scarring. For me that means I’ve come a long way and now people are saying I would have never noticed your scars. The days where I used to ball my eyes out over my skin are in a way starting to become part of the past. But I still think in some lighting my skin looks terrible and it’s hard to accept. I will still go ahead and schedule an appointment with Rullan for June and get his opinio
  8. I might try sleeping with silicone sheets. Very interesting information. That’s actually a great idea lol just make sure you’re good and swollen, or get filler before a special event.
  9. Natural lighting for my right cheek. Should I book a trio or is it a waste of money and in this lighting is excision a good option for me. I will be booking a treatment with rullan for June. I initially was hesitant but want to go through with this
  10. It kinda depends how pitted your scarring is but generally no. Perhaps tret will work if you have very very shallow scarring, and make up for scarring is difficult because it can easily accentuate acne scarring. Try pore filling primers and silicone based ones. I go for something light and natural in terms of foundation as the more you cake make up on the more it just makes the scarring look so much worse.
  11. What gets me is seeing people 20 years older than me with smoother skin.