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  1. @beautifulambition I couldn’t stop thinking about your filler recommendation, I had to give it a try lol and definitely love the results. Filler is amazing. For anyone wondering, I saw Dr Ben Behnam in Santa Monica. Nice guy. He said filler wouldn’t have been his first choice as it’s not permanent but he said it would smooth out texture for me and would be happy to do it. He said he would want to see more TCA and subcisons done to my cheeks (I agree). A full syringe of filler was 55
  2. Hey everyone - a bit of an update. I had said that I was going to wait a while before doing anything else to my face but today I decided to see a dermatologist here in LA and give filler a try. I must say, I’m really loving the results! He used Restylane on my left and right cheek. My face is so much smoother already. The dermatologist also treated my forehead separately with TCA cross. Dr rullan did this in San Diego last month and I really liked how my forehead scar responded. I would h
  3. Thank you, I actually also have a scar on my forehead lol but I don’t really focus on it as my cheeks really get me more. I needed to hear that I have been having some down days about myself recently
  4. I’m doing great, the swelling has gone down and I think the phenol cross has really helped my scarring. I haven’t ever tried this treatment before Dr Rullan and I’m excited for more treatments. I like the swelling and volume I get post treatment that’s why I’m going to consider filler but it’s a little expensive for me atm. It’s not that any one scar has disappeared but the overall texture is better (how much better I can’t say or judge right now). Photos attached are of my l
  5. No one reading here whether that’s now or in the future should read through this post should give up hope. YES, I have spent THOUSANDS, but I have also met with a lot of bad doctors where money was wasted. You do not have to spend close to what I’ve spent. These forums exist so people like @beautifulambition can guide users in the direction of helpful doctors and treatments. This does not have to cost an arm and a leg, it really doesn’t. These treatments work. It’s really dangerous to comp
  6. Acne scarring and acne have really screwed me up mentally. It's a condition I think that really really screws with you because your face is what people see when they first see you and if it's scarred, your whole perception of yourself is off. The fact that my skin will never be perfect is something I have to live with every single day. I see people with clear skin and I think of stuff I would do or trade to have that, knowing life doesn't work like that, that my scarring to some degree is perman
  7. I will definitely be looking into that very soon because there could very well be some sort of hormonal imbalance or something that would explain why I'm breaking out this frequently. I got my notes back yesterday from Dr Rullan for anyone curious so I will post them here for anyone curious. Plan : Criss Carbolic. Skin was clean and prepped with medical acetone and pictures were taken. CROSS was performed using Carbolic acid and a brush. Prior to the procedure, written consent was obt
  8. Thank you, this is very very helpful advice going forward! I forgot to mention, but while Dr Rullan was treating me, he talked about acne.org and actually mentioned you by name and how intelligent people are here in this community :-) And yes, I am still breaking out, worse than I have in years lol. I have some stridex pads and some benzoyl peroxide but changing my diet really wreaked havoc on my skin lol (I digress)... For everyone else reading, I will upload some pictures showing h
  9. @beautifulambition I agree, whether or not I go ahead with the full peel or not (definitely not financially feasible right now), I think that should be saved for later or closer to the end of my acne scar revision journey. I think the hardest part is feeling like there's no end in site because I'll never get 100% clear skin, so when do I quit? It's hard to say. I understand Dr Rullan is known for his chemical peels He did everything at one time on me - phenol cross, immediately after subc
  10. So finally a more detailed post! For me, I usually aim to see a scar revision specialist every 3-6 months. This time it has been nearly six months and in that time I have moved countries (New Zealand to the US) and life has changed. This is why I have switched doctors for the time being. To be treated by both Dr Lim and Dr Rullan has been amazing, I can't sing their praises enough!! On the 7th, I met with Dr Rullan in Chula Vista where he did phenol cross, subcision and erbium laser resurfa
  11. As of two days ago, I met with Dr Rullan and had phenol cross, subcision and erbium laser resurfacing. I’m heading back to LA today (thankfully with a face mask) and will soon provide more updates in terms of the experience and my healing process.
  12. I was looking for a good scar revision doctor in Southern California and the consensus here is that Dr Rullan is the way to go.
  13. UPDATES if anyone cares to read! I'm going to Chula Vista to meet with Dr Rullan as I will now be living in Los Angeles starting in about a week! I'm going down to San Diego on the 7th of May to meet with him on the 8th. I haven't been treated in over five months and I'm super excited to get the ball rolling again. At this stage, no because I won't be living near him at all and I have no idea when I will.
  14. Hey everyone - life is crazy. I have some updates but I don’t know how satisfying my updates will be. I’ve taken a step back from my acne scars and have almost distanced myself from them for mental health reasons. I don’t spent as much time snapping pictures of myself from every angle and then hating myself (which is great). As far as future treatment with Dr Lim goes, I don’t think I can continue seeing him as I will be moving abroad very soon. I don’t really know what to do right now in terms