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  1. thanks, sometimes I mix them
  2. I use Differin gel with bp togather, is that okay? have anyone done that before? thanks
  3. com'on I thought I'm cute till I read your comments, there's alot of hot people there. you just gave me a breakdown
  4. I've this problem too. and I know why, I've dozens of black heads and each time I pop one, i break out a giant pimple. i know that fact but i cant stop it.
  5. yup I agree I've mild acne too, just couple of lil pimples I knew that derms wont prescribe it for me so I stole my brother's, coulple of weeks and I got a killer face and a shiny skin.
  6. 4 it was zero last week only because i'm stupid and i dont stop picking up the black heads, damn. i'm considering roaccutane now.
  7. I dont think it will scar if you dont pop it and if you pop it I dont know about your skin but personally I dont scar either way
  8. yes it works I was on DKR 2 years ago but I had a mild acne I remember that I only have two active pimples It cleared my face completely within one month and I remained clean for a year and a half. I have two pimples now and a lot of brown marks eww. that's my fate
  9. for redness,I tried almond oil it works for me,I dont like the jojoba oil. but i dont use any cleansers , do you? because most of them cause irritation frankly I dont wash my face with anything just warm water and seaweed gel once a week. good luck