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  1. Maybe you should see a dermatologist. I had chest acne too but tretinoin cream seems to help. I use it both on my face and chest every night before bedtime, you should try it. Talk to your dermatologist about it, maybe you can use it on your arms too I'm not too sure though. Are these bumps on your forearms itchy? If so, you can probably try hydrocortisone 1% cream. You can also go to spalook's website because they have tretinoin cream that you can order over the phone or online. Goodluck!
  2. What is the jojoba oil for? I think your time of the month certainly has something to do with all these new breakouts. I've been on accutane for five months and I've been off of it for nine months now and my skin's condition is pretty okay unless I'm on my time of the month then my skin is more oily and irritated somewhat.
  3. May I ask what brand of mineral makeup you were using? It may not be the mica. For example many people breakout from bismuth (which is in Bare Escentuals). Maybe tells us the brand, along with the list of ingredients (which shouldnt be many..).
  4. I was thinking of trying the Azelaic Acid Cream, but Im not sure how well it would do with acne scars? What do you think?

  5. Yup, sometimes talking about what's bugging you helps a lot.
  6. Wow, the improvements really are noticeable. The second set of images show less red and less bumpy skin. Goodluck on your treatment
  7. Oh by the way, how was the laser? Did it atleast make your scars look better? I've thought of going for this procedure before but it's just wayyy too expensive for me.
  8. Hi there pinkmar_tini...I have the same problem. I'm free of acne but the scars are still there. I'm currently using the obagi skincare line and seems to be working pretty well so far. I've only been using it for a month. The scars are still here but the products have made them look better and lighter. I have some shallow pits on my left cheek and they look much better now eversince I've started the obagi. The good thing about this product is that I can use tretinoin cream with it that works rea
  9. Hi...sorry for the late reply, been working too much for the past few weeks. And yes I speak tagalog and I love it!!!

  10. holy crap... you're pinay too? at nakakapagtagalog ka pa... =] and yeh, your bday is hella close to mine... it's around march 10, right?

  11. Forget about her, she's obviously a slut and doesn't care about how you would feel when she did it. And you made a mistake picking her out of all the fish in the sea. Take time for yourself, you'll get over it.