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  1. HI I've been using the regimen for years now but it always leaves my skin very red. Even when I only use a small amount BP one per day and loads of moisturiser + jojoba oil. Is there anything I can do? I seem to remember reading ages ago that AHA is moisturising but is this true. If so can you just replace BP with it? This is the moisturiser I use: https://www.boots.com/simple-kind-to-skin-rich-moisturiser-replenishing-125ml-10023880 I've tried several others over
  2. Thanks for the response. I'll get some on Friday and post results here. I'm tired of having red/dry skin although it's no as bad as spotty skin.
  3. BUMP!!!!!! as useful as his site is, I really wish the forums were more active!!!!! Someone must have a better alternative to PanOxyl, pleeeeease...!
  4. I've been using Panoxyl 2.5% for ages now but I still find it very drying. I've heard Dan's formula is best but would I incur customs + handling fees if I was to buy it? Are there any better alternatives???? thanks!
  5. Hi all, I've been using Panoxyl Benzoyl peroxide 2.5% for a couple of years now and I think my skin is starting to build some sort of resistance to it. I'm breaking out a lot more than I used to when I first started using it. Has anyone else encountered this? Could it just be the time of year making me break out more? Should I continue with 2.5% or maybe try 5% BP? I've read somewhere on here that upping the dosage doesn't help much, but just dries skin out more instead. What do you guys
  6. That's a great idea Brandy, why didn't I think of that b4? Thanks! I'll have a look in boots 2morrow for a good night-time moisturiser for dry/sensitive skin. Any suggestions for a good cheapish one? I live in the UK and I've never seen any Cetaphil in stores, or do you have to get it from a pharmacy?
  7. Hi, I've been using Nivea Oil free Moisturising Fluid for a while now, but it doesn't moisturise my skin all that well. I still get flakey and red skin sometime after using only a smell amount of 2.5% Panoxyl Aquagel BP. The reason I've stuck with the stuff for so quite a while is because it's the only moisturiser I've used so far that doesn't leave my skin really oily and greasy after use. Is there any other moisturiser that you know of that is good enough for very dry skin, and at the same
  8. Nivea Visage Oil free moisturising fluid for only £2.79 claims to be non-comedogenic, here's the ingredients: aqua, glycerin, distarch phosphate, c12-15 alkyl benzonate, polyglyceryl-3 methylglucose distearate, alcohol denat., cyclomethicone. Those are the first few. Any opinions?
  9. Cheers m8, I've already requested some samples of them. I guess I'll just have to look out for a moisturiser with non-comedogenic ingredients like paraffin, lanolin, petroleum etc.
  10. A lot of people have said on here that euerin is the best moisturiser for the regimen, but it costs >£10 for 50ml!! which is ridiculous IMO. So I was just wondering if anyone has got any good alternatives available in the UK. I'm using E45 at the moment but I'm told it's not great for facial skin. Any advice would be very helpful!!! THANKS!
  11. Cheers 4 the suggestions guys, I'll have a look for the stuff 2morrow, any idea how much it costs?
  12. Hi all again! Any1 know of a good shaving foam/gel available in the UK, Is tea tree foam any good? THANKS in advance!!!
  13. Is E45 lotion any good because I've always used it along with Panoxyl 5% cream. Seems to work quite well but is taking a long time and sometimes get outbreaks of whiteheads on my chin area. Could I be using a better moisturiser??? Cheers guys!!! PS I live in the UK