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  1. Does eyebrow waxing cause breakouts or ingrown hairs? I've never waxed, I usually pluck..but I always get tiny red pimples and ingrown hairs, somebody told me waxing prevents this. Does anybody know if that's true? Expiriences?
  2. I have mild acne and rarely get cysts, and when I do get them they never last more than a week. However just about a month ago I got a huge red one and it looks the same as the day it popped up. I want to have it injected, can I just call up a derm and ask for one?
  3. Can I just call the derm and tell them I want to have it injected?
  4. Thanks to the regimen and minocycline my skin is just about clear..with the exception of one cyst that I got over a month ago. It looks the exact same as the day that I got it. I don't usually get cysts and I'Ve never had one last more than a week. What do I do about it??
  5. They carry swimwear in stores now, so if you're not sure about you're size (even if they don't have the one you want) you can try a couple bottoms and tops on there and figure out which size fits best.
  6. I hate hanging out with friends while not wearing any makeup. Does anybody know of a good sheer foundation or concealer (nothing heavy) that can we worn at the beach and won't clog pores if mixed with sweat and sunblock?..prefably one that absorbs oil and is matte or won't melt.
  7. I do see a derm., every time I go in after 3 months on a regimen and no results she just sends me away with a new topical
  8. I've had clogged pores for years, my face is covered. I've tried everything and I'm curious if accutane could be a solution for me.
  9. I have fairly mild acne. You can't really tell I have it most of the time. I have some problems with inflammed acne around my period. It's my clogged pores that are really bad. Like I said, you can't really notice them most of the time, but when I go outside or in bright lights they're awful. I have them everywhere. I've tried BC, retin-a, pro-active, antibiotics, finacea. NOTHING has been able to clear them and they're not slowing down. I have gotten so insecure about my skin lately, I avoid ha
  10. So this conealer will not clog my pores?
  11. I just came off tretinoin cream after using it for 16 weeks and expirienced the same thing as you. I was using it for clogged pores, which after 1.5-2 months seemed to be getting better. But then I started getting a lot more whiteheads and inflammed acne. I now have twice as many clogged pores as I had before. My derm told me that the cream has an ingrediant in it that actually can clog pores so she prescibed me finacea which is suppose to prevent it. Well, tgat didn't help so I stopped using th
  12. I just got some Lancome MAQUICOMPLET concealer as a gift. The box doesn't say if it's oil-free and non-comegenic..does anybody know if it is? Or how I could find out, I've looked at the Lancome website but it doesn't say anything about that.
  13. I would say it wouldn't clog your pores...but I'm no expert so don't take my word for it. Are you thinking the moisturizer would clog your pores? Not the moisturizer alone, just the two mixed together. I use aveeno daily moisturizing and it never makes me break out.
  14. I know it's more effective, but the tiny place where these 3 pimples are is already red and peeling so I don't want to irrate it too much, but will it clog my pores?