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  1. Hi again, Thank you so much for reading and responding Soooo.... I had to do a little research on google images because I wasn't sure what the names of my types of scars are. Comparing the pictures to my face I can say that on the main part of both of my cheeks and jawline it looks like I have boxcar scars. There's a small section between my right cheek and chin (just below my mouth) that look like rolling scars. It's the boxcar scars that have responded beautifully and have filled in qui
  2. Thank you, too! post 2nd ematrix ~ day 2: VERY VERY red and swollen today. Didn't even attempt to wash my face first thing (even though I was told I could). A lot more irritated then the last time I know it'll be worth it based on the healing I had between #1 and 2. Finally worked up the courage to wash my face 3 hours after waking up... and OOOOOooohhhh OUCH! I'm using Cetaphil and THAT was too much. Will put sunscreen shortly... thankfully I have great neighbors who are helping walk
  3. Hi again, Hope everyone is doing well!! I had my 2nd ematrix treatment today (5 weeks post #1). Before today's treatment, they took follow up photographs. Photographs were also taken prior to my first treatment to establish a baseline. What I really liked about today's photos is that it was very controlled. They have a photo room and the camera & the program they is set up so that your new photo is "lined up" with the baseline photo. I had been worried about the accuracy/lighting/etc
  4. Hi, Hope everyone is doing well! In my last post I said that I wasn't sure about the results after my first ematrix. Well, I take it back!! Exactly one month post I woke up in the morning and looked in the mirror... I can see a difference. Several of my scars look smoother and the overall texture of my skin has improved. I'm feeling a bit less self-conscious about my face I originally had my 2nd ematrix scheduled for this past Wednesday, but I rescheduled it for Friday the 14th because I
  5. Hi Sassy74, First of all I want to thank you for your extensive notes. It encouraged me to get sublative rejuvenation last week and I am already beginning to see results. I have two quick questions for you - 1) can sublative rejuvenation and photofacial be done together? 2) Does photofacial get rid of pigmentation and age/brown spots and sublative rejuvenation can't do that? Any insight will be helpful.
  6. Thank you everyone for posting your ematrix experiences. I had my first ematrix done 3 weeks ago. I actually had posted on another thread when I did it. I copied/pasted my previous posts below...hope it helps. My 2nd ematrix is on 1/14. I was very hopeful after my first treatment but now I'm not sure how I feel. It's partly because I've had to put forth a lot of effort to not tan (I live in Florida & love the beach!) I think since I'm more pale and don't have a tan that would usually
  7. My next ematrix appointment is on Jan 5... however, I do have a follow up on 12/15. Happy to hear that my skin will smooth out. I'm also on Yaz and LOVE IT!! I'm not taking anything else although I think I may ask my derm about Retin-A at my follow up. Thank you again for your reply... so glad to have connected with someone who's been through this Have a great night...
  8. Sassy...thank you so much for your reply. I was actually getting ready to message you. I'm curious, have you had an opportunity to compare your pictures over the last few months? Are you happy with your progress? I really do appreciate how elaborate you are with your blogs. There isn't much information 'out there' on how people are doing with this treatment. Did your skin go back to feeling smooth over time? Day 4 - swelling is completely gone. My skin feels rough and I do still have sca
  9. Ematrix Day 3 update... swelling is gone. I do have pin-like scabs all over my face and neck. I took pictures again today and I can say that I can start seeing a positive difference in my skin. My troublesome scars on my left cheek to look smoother. I'm not sure if it's because of some mild swelling that may still be there, but none the less... they do look smoother. Some of the scabs on my right cheek have fallen off. I'm eager to see what tomorrow brings. I did opt out of going to my wo
  10. Sassy, Thank you SO much for posting your experiences. It's really helped me understand what to expect. I'm eager to hear more about your results now that we're in December. I just had my first session of eMatrix yesterday. I'm a 36 year old Cuban/American woman with light/medium tan skin. I have mild/moderate acne scars, a lot of sun damage (live in South Florida...many years of tanning!), some sagging skin around my chin/neck, and some light wrinkles around my eyes (lots of smiling in my li
  11. Airin1974

    Helped clear cystic acne :) YAY! the first 2 months on the pill were very rough... break through bleeding (lasting 14-16 days) and bad cramping acne got WAY worse before it got better To be honest, my first 2 months on YAZ were HORRIBLE and I almost gave up. My doctor convinced me to follow it through the third month before throwing in the towel. I really thought she was crazy for suggesting that I continue it... but I did listen to her. SO GLAD I DID!!! Midway through the 3rd mon