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  1. Starving myself cleared my skin. Unfortunately starvation was the only way It cleared in my experience . Birthcontrol made it worse, antibiotics are temporary, topicals do not fix what’s inside. Starving myself made my body shut off it’s hormones= no acne. When I was underweight my skin was flawless. It fucking sucks because you need food to survive and for happiness. Starving myself only lasted a year, i couldn’t Survive off of vegetables and nuts forever... acne came back when I started eating
  2. Mimi- Me and you have the exact same expierence!!! I thought I was alone!!!! I am 16.. and I try to eat A low glycemic diet to clear my acne, but finding the the right diet for acne gave me an eating disorder as well. Acne ruined my life the point where I stay home from school and quit my job. Following a strict diet for acne Will produce results but it is hard. I avoid bad foods such as dairy/ sugar/gluten for acne but when my family lives off that food, it makes me feel tempted to eat it
  3. I am diagnosed with OCD, body dysmorphia and anorexia because I am obsessed with acne. As a teenage girl with cystic acne & scars in a world that glamorizes perfection through the media I needed to have clear skin!! I needed to have clear skin like other girls my age. Acne ruined my physiological well being. I became obsessed with preventing my acne by washing hands, cleaning anything that touches my face & restricting my diet to be as clean as possible. I did fasting, cleansing & ov