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  1. seemed like it shrunk them for me... My nose was bad but they are all sealed....
  2. You hate drug users? Ouch. Ironic enough that you are probably on Accutane. I guess the legality of the drug determines whether you like somebody, huh? To the original poster....there really isn't any definitive proof of anything. I would most likely steer clear of anything psychoactive while on isotretinoin, but I also wouldn't be too worried. Just my $.02.
  3. I go in a steam room like everyday on accutane...made me get over a break out quickly....and made my skin perfect!
  4. if you shave use some moisturizer...with a 5 o'clock shadow I was good.. My initial breakout only effected my temples when I usually got acne on my cheeks...
  5. accutane was no big deal..I had no sides...no dry skin or lips...just a break out here and there..... I am clear. Maybe your body is weak?
  6. just use aquaphor(sp?) on your lips...I use them heavily and night and light in the morning so I do not need to keep using chapstick all day!! it will save your lips!
  7. yes I got oily too for a little over a week then bam......its hits you and your pores lock up.
  8. just take accutane....I am on 60mg a day been taking for over a month. No side effects maybe some chapped lips but it is winter. I broke out like second week....and now I have maybe one that pops up. Rest of my skin is very clear and I noticed if I get a pimple it heals 100 times quicker. Also it has healed my redspots.
  9. I am on 40mg/day and only thing I have experienced is breakouts.... I have mild acne but I am breaking out every 3 days... no dry skin/no dry lips....my skin is still very oily. Its all mental until the second month unless your dose is like 80 or over.