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  1. Eating does matter. If you eat bad food, it comes out in one way or another. Through zits, your butt, or w/e. This is like saying eating anything will have no effect on your body.
  2. i try doing ten seconds, but i always find oily spots leftover, so i take a little longer just to go thru with that. works for me.
  3. MaxC

    Max's album

    i started on november 17ish
  4. it sounds like a lot of people say AHA is strong, but i am using kiss my face peaches and creme moisturizer 8%, and it doesn't irritate at all. it feels much better than just regular moisturizer in fact. wtf? is that normal
  5. So do you put on AHA lotion before or after your moisturizer? my moisturizer has spf 15, so i thought that i should still use it right?
  6. well i used to do it every few days, but now i have to do it daily. but i guess the next razor i get i'll get 2 blades.
  7. hey, this regimen has been working REALLY well for me. my forehead is pretty much clear, it just has to even out. it was really bad before where if i even rubbed my head barely, it would break out more or maybe even bleed. ok, but for some reason, it seems like my chin hair is growing faster now, and they are more pimples coming out there than any other part of my face. whats the dealio? i also want to add that before this regimen, i had been putting on moisturizer on everyday, so when i added
  8. i fully understand it too! i started in novemberish, and now its december, and my face is getting so much better. i had moderate acne all over the face, but now its going down a lot. this regimen is the best thing ever, and im so glad i didnt resort to accutane. i was getting real depressed and almost went that way.
  9. I started halfway through november, and I definently am seeing results. (although i still have acne)
  10. Purpose bar soap is really good for me. It works pretty well if you have oilier than normal skin lime I do. I have been seeing a lot of improvement with it in just a week.
  11. I have only skin too, and I usually put on a moisturizer (aveeno brand) because BP really dries my skin out around the mouth area. Also BP makes your skin sensitive to the sun, so just be careful about that if you don't put it on. Personally, I feel that if I put on the moisturizer, my skin produces less oil, because without it, my skin is so dry and busts out a lot of oil on its own I think to try getting rid of the dryness. That's just me thouh.
  12. Sorry for the triple post, but I wanted to add that I added Purpose bar soap to my routine last night. And I can definently say my face is getting better. The redness is now more pinky, and my lower cheeks are slowly clearing up, and the clearness is rising.
  13. I want to add that when I was like 14, I was really frustrated at the beach with my acne (for one thing, it feels gross with the humidity and salt), so I decided to tan in the beach (tanner people don't have as much acne, right?). I was really stupid and didn't put sun screen on my face because it made my skin feel bad. Bad idea. I had major sun poisoning and it pussed that whole night. Then for a week, my skin was caked and was orange on my face. I couldn't even laugh it hurt so much. Anyway, I
  14. Well proactiv was working ok, but it wasn't making it completley go away. Hmmm...maybe I should go ahead and buy it again. Oh and about the regimin, I went to work in the evening and after working for a few minutes, I could really feel some burning in my cheeks. Were my pores opening or something since it was getting hot? The burning went away a little while after.
  15. Oh yeah, I need to add, what should I do about my oily skin? About 4-5 hours after washing, it starts to feel really grimy on my face. Should I just wait until the 2nd washing? Won't it clog my pores if I don't do something?