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  1. hey fedupgirl. In response to your question and to add my 2 cents on Yasmin anyway... YES Yasmin did 90% cure my SEVERE acne. I wasn't left with perfect skin, but 100 times better than before. It 100% cured my severe body acne (back, chest, arms) and 80% cured my severe facial acne (down from severe to mild I would say). It depends on the person (eg type of acne and if you respond well) BUT for me (and for many people) it really definitely does work. I hope it works for you too - one week
  2. hellooo timehealsall... are you sure you're not me from the past? no, I guess not, since you're american and Im not, but your life sounds quite a lot like mine!! Well actually, my acne is a lot better these days and honestly, honestly, I've 99% grown out of caring about it. So acne is no longer reeeeally my problem. Nowadays I just have lovely severe depression. Which Im about 90% sure if a direct result of having SEVERE (face, chest, back and arms totally covered) acne from the age of about
  3. ok, well I'm not going to massively argue with you on healthy eating, but your insistence that we all have acne because we eat crap is a bit insulting. A. Have you seen how many people stuff down burgers, chips and coke all day and still have perfect skin? B. Do you really think that most of us haven't tried all sorts of diets etc? I don't eat fried foods, McDonalds etc, because I don't like it. I literally hate greasy or fried foods, and I don't like red meat either. But my skin hasn't m
  4. I dont wana sound insensitive, but based on ur profile pic, you dont have any acne at all, so dont worry! also, sometimes not putting chemicals all over your face and constantly trying different treatments can help acne go down! Just stick to good skincare like washing with a gentle cleanser and maybe using an oil free moisturiser. Just try and relax and dont think about it too much, ironically, worrying about it just makes it worse. Weirdly, when I had my worst ever period of acne (cystic, a
  5. haha, I posted something like this once (in the severe acne forum, I might add) and loads of people got really angry with me ... I used to have severe cystic acne (I'm talking every inch of face, back, chest and arms) no matter what I did to try to get rid of it. It was a horrible, horrible time of my life, that I can't even begin to describe how bad it was. I had to wear long sleeved tops ALL the time even in summer, with my friends moaning about how "unfashionable" I was, when all I was doi
  6. 1- from 1-10 how would u rate how bad is your: acne - 4 blackheads - 6 redmarks - 5 redness/discoloration overall - 4 scars -4 (rate each one separately plz) (10000x worse in the past!) 2- how emotional u are? (also rate 1-10) maybe 8 3- are u bipolar (mood swings from one to total opposite in short time)? (rate its severity as well) I guess a bit, I have clinical (moderate) depression, but sometimes I have hyper moods. mainly just depressed tho, lol 4- do u get depressed oftenly? yep 5- are
  7. I know how you feel. I had severe (cystic on face, arms, chest and back ALWAYS) acne from the age of 10 to now (22)... I reckon probably in the top 10% of severity of anyone on this site. Its a lot better now, thanks to dianette and good skincare, but the experiences I had in school will never go away, even though I have gotten through that period of my life. So yeah, I know how you feel... I've had acne now for over half my life. The irony is, that right now my skin is worse than 95% of peo
  8. I know this probably won't help you right now, but school is the worst time of your life if you have acne. I can't even begin to explain how awful my time in high school was... BUT it got so much better afterwards. My first year of college was the best year of my life... people get more mature and less judgemental about stuff like acne, and it will probably get a lot better anyway, or you will find ways to manage it. Also, you're right about the fact that being smart will do you good in the
  9. hi It makes me pretty sad to hear about what you've been through, since it all sounds quite familiar to me (being scared to look in the mirror, etc). I can't believe your derm just tells you to shut up, that's ridiculous and you need to stand up for yourself a bit more. Tell them how much it is bothering you and explain how much acne you get sometimes. Sorry, I'm british so I don't understand the american health system, but can't you go to a GP, they can usually prescribe something. Or what
  10. hello, I feel your pain, I really do! I'd recommend not using the sponge everytime you wash, maybe just once a week, as overexfoliation isn't too good for your skin. Secondly, I recommend supplementing zinc, which CAN help with oiliness. Also, recently I've been washing my face with facewash in the morning only, and using a cream cleanser and a toner at night, which means only washing once, and honestly my oil-factor has really calmed down. I don't know if you guys have Lush in the US, but i
  11. If your cleanser is burning your skin, you should NOT be using it. You probably have sensitive skin, or maybe an allergy, or maybe the cleanser is just really harsh. Make sure you are washing gently, with lukewarm water (not cold or too hot) and make sure u rinse well. If you are already doing all those things, you need to try a new cleanser. One made for sensitive skin is best, ie Cetaphil or Simple.
  12. ugh yeah, something like this happened to me a year or 2 ago, when I was going through a terrible, severe stage of acne. I didn't let it affect my social life, and I still loved going out and seeing friends, I'd just cover my face with a load of foundation and enjoy myself, however one day I went to see a friend in another city, and ended up staying the night without planning it. So I was there looking ok with my foundation on and stuff, but then what could I do about the night time?? well, thi
  13. u say u wash ur pillow case every day or so... it is possibly caused by the detergent u use to wash it in?? just a theory based on what u have said. do u use biological washing powder? cos some people are sensitive to that. maybe u could try using a new type of washing powder/liquid or find one that says its good for sensitive skin. another possibility is that the material itself is irritating. Is it a cotton pillowcase? that should be the best kind I'd guess, but I read somewhere about a sp
  14. I think thats a bit of an overreaction. It is a little drying, so maybe you overused it, overscrubbed or just maybe had an unlucky reaction. Anyway, it works really good for me on the times I've used it. It has a lot of antibacterial ingredients, and so long as u use it gently once per day it always seems to help my skin quite a bit. I wouldn't use it regularly though, just now and then for a natural antibacterial boost!
  15. 100% definitely genetics. my mum had terrible acne and so did her sister. None on my dad's side. Out of the 3 of us, me and my bro suffer from acne, (me the worst, lucky me), but my sis is 100% clear, damn her lol. Anyway, the one upside, is that you can see what worked for your mum/dad and try that yourself. My mum got pretty clear with the pill and it works great for me too! She also said that after she got pregnant she never got acne again, so some small hope for the future maybe, lol.