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  1. Yes and easily that's I posted. I want to find a way to stop it.
  2. In the shower I somehow popped a pimple so i tried to take the blood out and with a small squeeze my skin and the white stuff came out. Now I have a hole there like 1mm wide. Will this become a scar or can I do something to prevent it?
  3. Like I said they aren't deep maybe less than 1 mm and only visible in certain places.They are a bit wide One of them is like 3/4 of an inch. My skin texture is also uneven but you could only tell at a certain angle when im outdoors. The one i first mentioned that is the darkest in the picture i guess i can ignore from now on and just keep it clean. I was wondering if a dermaroller would help with my skin texture. Seattlegal you pointed what i wanted to talk about, And yes that's the solution
  4. One Saturday I noticed i had a really big pimple which was one of the biggest I ever grew. I avoided touching it completely but on Tuesday it popped in the shower although I only rubbed soap on it. So I rubbed honey on it and it formed a scab quick and I thought I was fine. However the next day i woke up sleeping on that side and when I saw it, it was dented a bit but you could barely tell in the picture because it isn't that bad. I mostly care because my dog gets on my bed at times and also I