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  1. All that will compound over time and give you horrible health problems.
  2. I think I am actually finally getting clear. I would say, it's been about three months now, and I think im actually getting clear! Lets knock on wood. My Regimen: Morning: Cleanse in shower: Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar + Zirh's Clean Facial Wash which contains AHAs. After shower: Shave. Apply BP all over problem area. Wait about 7-10 minutes. Apply Dove's Deep Moisturizing Face Lotion with SPF 15 Night: Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar. Apply BP. Apply Doves Deep moistrurizing face lotio
  3. This was pretty weird. I was cleaning my car, and I used the Bisell Little Green machine to clean the carpets. The product i used was their OXy2 product. After i was done washing, the two fingers on my right hand that i apply BP on my face with and my index left finger i use to put the BP on were all white, like bleached out. I was like WTF???? I tried to wash, but it wouldn't go away. I was kind of freakning out. Its been about 20 minutes or so and its going away. Super weird.
  4. Sex has nothing to do with it. All acne is hormornal acne.
  5. Yeah. Week 4 is frustrating! I recently passed it up and im almost at week 8. I was doing good up to week 4 and then the breakout occured. I got slightly discouraged, but decided to be consistant. Almost at week 8 and my face is looking pretty good. knock on wookd.
  6. Some people, especially during the winter, will have dry lips that chap. I hate that. Solution: Everyday, rub the moisturizer you use on your face on your lips and seal it with chap stick. It works.
  7. On 4 weeks. No active pimples anymore, just fading ones and fading red marks.
  8. Don't want to speak too soon. But I was being daring and ventured off in adding something in the regimen. Don't ask me why, it's in my nature. I added a wash that has a triple alpha hydroxy acids in it. Malic Acid, Lactic acid, and Salacylic Acid and it also has Glycolic Acid. It's made by Zirh and it's called "Clean" http://zirh.com/product.aspx?f=6 This is what I do morning and night. Cleanse with Antibacterial Gentle Bar by Cetaphil Then I cleanse with Zirh's product. Apply BP (in
  9. I was thinking yesterday in my car and I can't count how many times someone all the sudden wanted me to stay the night, or i ended up drinking and had to stay the night at someone elses house, not prepared. I was thinking it would be a great idea to invest in some supplies and keep them in your care ready for sleep overs. I think thats what i am going to do!
  10. I use a Triple Alpha Hydroxy wash with Salacylic, Malic, and Lactic acid. Rem marks seem to fade faster. Also, makes my skin very smooth. Only been using it for a week and a half, not sure how my face will react next week. We shall see.
  11. you shoudl use a gentler cleanser. Cetaphil Anti Bacterial Facial Cleanser is good. Use Dan's BP or On The Spot. Apply after you wash and dry. I found that after shaving, when i apply BP directly after i pat dry, it goes on smoothly.
  12. ehm *cough* Salacylic Acid *cough* It's not as bad as everyone says. I use a Triple Alpha Hydroxy Wash that contains Malic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Salacylic Acid, its called "Clean" by Zirh. Seems to make my pores small and my complexion better. It is said that Salacylic Acid helps break down whiteheads and blackheads. I wouldn't reccomend just buying striaght up Salacylic though. Like i said, the stuff my Zirh is good. A lot of people will also NOT reccomend this, as they say it coul
  13. I also go into auto pilot. I don't hesitate. I think i've messed up once or twice, but nothing serious. Even when i am sleeping at a friends house, i have my supplies and do it to it!!! lol Although, since i spend all that time in the bathroom they think i passed out in there! One time i was drunk enough to say, "JUST APPLYING THE BP LIBERALLY LIKE DAN SAYS!!"
  14. Thanks for your words. I regret that I can't give exact ingridients. as said in my post, my solution is made from Chinese herbs, and modified by pH to fit on topical skin treatment, it doesn't include any compounds on current market! According to my family and friends after using, it has no any side effects to any age (from 14 to 44 years old, female and male). I don't know what is your skin condition, if your acne is caused by comedones, I think that AT solution will definitely dissolve it
  15. Try using Doves Day Lotion with SPF 15. Use it, rub it in all the way, and dab with a towel or tissue afterwards.