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  1. Bro, I have palmar HH too, try Iontophoresis. Its painful as hell, but it actualy works for me. I just had a job interview(nervous as hell) and a first day on the job, shook 30+ hands and did not sweat ONCE.
  2. i finished in mid june too, and its still in my system! drink lots of water to help your liver metabolize it.
  3. conditioner didnt do anything I've done nothing.... life sucks.. and now ive got curly hair
  4. i was depressed on accutane too. reallllly depressed. I'm still depressed now, not as much as before though.
  5. Ok, I ended my accutane course 2 months ago and just recently noticed... WOW my HAIR IS CURLY. It was never like this before. I had shaggy wavy hair and it was fine, but now my hair looks freaking horrible. Does anyone know if accutane causes this, does it go away? Is there anything I can do...? This is really upsetting and I HATE IT!!
  6. I have no idea, i guess your going to have to explain it. And I'm 5'7, and it IS a problem.
  7. well, I know why girls dont like me, and its because I'm not tall. Got a way for fixing that?
  8. I dont try to improve my life huh? What is this thread even about? Oh hey, its an accutane log, isnt that about life improvement? I've been in therapy(its worthless, trust me), I just got my band off the ground, I do things to try and meet people and be social all the time. No where have I said that I dont "try", I try every fucking day to improve my life. And its not my fault that it "doesn't work" because the reasons that it doesn't work are out of my control. I understand that it probably l
  9. Hey folks. A week or so off accutane and no breakouts to mention. I was getting some really really tiny ones (milia i think the terminology is, idk) but its not a big deal i guess. MORE IMPORTANTLY. My band Forever From Now just completed an accoustic demo which can be listened to here: http://www.myspace.com/foreverfromnow ciao
  10. Day 180 last day. no acne. im sure ill be back here to make another log when it comes back.
  11. ok, sure, I have no confidence. How could I have confidence when everyone in my life has treated me like shit? From my perspective life isn't worth it, because it definately hasn't been worth it so far. What do you want me to do about that? What am I supposed to say? "Ok sure ill just get some confidence and go rule the world" I'll tell you what, it takes a lot of fucking confidence to ask out as many girls as i've asked out in my life and still keep going after being shot down so many times.
  12. I dont walk around with a chip on my shoulder and I dont talk to anyone about this in real life besides my parents(who now hate me because of it), and my therapist. I wouldn't have a problem with rejection if just 1 girl would finally not reject me. Ya know, you act like I haven't already taken these steps to try and correct my life, which is wrong, I have. No amount of therapy and doctors visits can make other people be attracted to you. I was bullied and picked on too from 3rd to 8th grade to
  13. I'm just as sociable as the next person in real life. I make eye contact, smile(even though I shouldnt be), and have no problem talking to people, even girls. People just don't like me like that, especially girls. And ya know what, its fucking salt on an open wound for people to come on here and say shit like "your pretty hot" or "your attractive" when I know its not the truth, its just anonymous people on the internet trying to be nice to convince me that my life isn't as shitty as I know it