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    I'm a co-op Kinesiology student at The University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada!
  1. Kiss My Face has 2 good sunblocks to try: Kiss My Face "Face Factor SPF30" ($10/2 oz) Kiss My Face "Oat Protein SPF30" ($10/4 oz) Kiss My Face is a natural-based skin care company, well known for their olive oil soaps. There are plenty of good reviews of these sunscreens on Makeupalley.com as well.
  2. I have this in "Fairly Light Golden"-- this is actually a much better colour match for my skin than any of their loose mineral foundations were! The coverage is buildable, from sheer to full, but if you are going to use it for full coverage I would recommend spraying your face afterwards with a mist of some kind to avoid looking cakey (i.e. spraying water would probably do). The container is merely laminated cardboard, and not THAT durable-- on MUA one reviewer depotted it into an empty plasti
  3. I LOVE Skinceuticals Ultimate UV Defense SPF30! I have used Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry touch (spf 30 and 45) in the past, along with Hawaiian Tropics Faces SPF30, Olay Complete Defense SPF30 (sensitive skin), Olay Complete SPF15, and a bunch of asian sunscreens (SPF 50+PA+++). Skinceuticals Ultimate UV Defense SPF 30 uses 7.0% Z-Cote (zinc oxide) and7.5% Octinoxate in a creamy moisturizing base. The Olay Complete Defense SPF30 isn't bad for a drugstore buy with 6.5% zinc oxide and 7.5% octinox
  4. Hey I have a quick question! Has anyone here tried the Natural Reflections sunscreen powder? I was thinking about ordering it, but I don't know what to expect, so if anyone has used it before, can you perhaps give me some insight on what the texture is like, what kind of finish it has, or even some helpful tips for applying it? THanks a bunch!
  5. Hi everyone! I first came to this website in 2002/2003, and have been using the guidelines for Dan's regimen for the last 3-4 years (with some variation in between, but now it's more-or-less the same as Dan's regimen) I'd been using Clean&Clear's Persa-Gel5 (5% BP) instead of a 2.5% because I found all the 2.5% too expensive for the amount given, and it was easier to find the CLean&Clear stuff where I live (Canada). I finally got a credit card a few months ago, so I decided to go ahe
  6. That's the thing from Michelle Phan's Xanga site, isn't it? http://www.xanga.com/RiceBunny
  7. Why don't you try Lily Lolo mineral makeup? http://lilylolo.co.uk Their mineral foundation ingredients are also similar to Everyday Minerals, but feel and look SO much better on me. I'd been using Everyday Minerals for about 6 months and I'm not impressed by it, to tell you the truth. I ordered a few samples from Lily Lolo, and I fell in love! The downside is that the Lily Lolo foundation is kind of expensive. It's 12 pounds for a 10g jar of foundation, which works out to $25 Canadian
  8. If you're looking to get something quick at a drug store, I recommend Neutrogena Dry Touch SPF30-- anything higher than that gets greasy (I have both 30 and 45, and the 45 is mch thicker, heavier and greasier than the 30). It leaves a nice matte finish. If you don't mind waiting a bit, I recommend you go to sasa.com, and look up luxembourg; you'll find a SPF50 lotion; It's very watery, and you only need a few drops for each part of your face. It is SO LIGHT you can't feel it at ALL on your skin
  9. I liked it at first, but then my tube dried out after like 2 weeks and starting clumping like mad.
  10. I highly recommend the synthetic kabuki brush from choicebrush.com... it's the same one Joppa and Aubrey Nicole sell, but it's cheaper than Joppa, and you get to choose different colours! I have one ($10 USD + shipping) and it's so soft, I love it.
  11. My skin is combo/oily this time of year, so I blot more often (with just paper towel, nothing fancy). My usual routine is: - wash face with Dove soap - apply sunscreen (I'm currently using Luxembourg SPF50, I LOVE IT-- sasa.com) - apply a bit of blush (Jane blushing blossom) and some powder (Everyday Minerals silk dust) - curl lashes-- always makes me look like I've gotten more sleep (Shiseido lash curler) When I want to feel more polished and put together, I put foundation on after sunscreen
  12. I have tried Siesta and Light Touch, and I love them both! Siesta is a light coral pink, while Light Touch is a straight-up light pink. Both do not have shimmer, and just look fabulous! I second what Jflo514 said: use just a little bit! It's easy to over-do the blushes.
  13. Personally, I do not like ~H2O+ products. My aunt took me out on a shopping trip a few years ago, and I bought the Marine Toner and Face Oasis Plus with SPF15. The marine toner was "ok", but the face oasis made me look SO greasy (despite it being oil-free)! Plus, they're really expensive. The face oasis was $56 (!!!!!) yet I prefer my $13 sunscreen and $5 moisturizer from the drugstore more. The products smell nice, and have lots of advertising, but I don't really think they deliver results. Ev
  14. If you have oily skin, you'll like Neutrogena Dry Touch sunblock; I've been using it for the last 2 years, and I haven't found anything else that gives high sun protection factor with minimal shine. They have SPF 30, 45, 55 and 70. I would recommend ONLY the SPF30 and 45; the 55 and 70 are greasier (the higher the sun protection, the more grease). I have used both 30 and 45, and texture-wise, I like the SPF30 better; the 45 is heavier and a bit more shiny than the 30. The SPF30 left me with an
  15. Just for kicks, I decided to order some samples from lilylolo.co.uk; has anyone tried Lily Lolo's mineral foundations before? how do they compare, say, to Everyday Minerals? Thanks a bunch! - Hoku