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  1. ClearTooth

    Post Accutane redness

    Pooja did you also have this issue? If so, how long before your skin tone was normal again?
  2. ClearTooth

    Post Accutane redness

    I moisturize a lot and I’m sure it isn’t the sun.
  3. ClearTooth

    Post Accutane redness

    This place is trash
  4. ClearTooth

    Post Accutane redness

    I was hoping to get some replies from people that have had/have this issue and learn about how it turned out for them. Along with anyone who feels they can help in any way. I hope you guys will help, thanks
  5. ClearTooth

    Post Accutane redness

    I was on Accutane for 6 months on a relatively low dose and am now suffering from redness on my nose and cheeks. I’ve been off Accutane for about 6 months and it has yet to subside. I just want to know if i should just wait longer and it’ll go away, if it’s rosacea, or something else? Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please help , thanks.
  6. ClearTooth

    Post accutane Redness

    I'm in the same exact situation and trying to find an answer. You get rid of acne then it doesn't look any better bc your face is red 24/7 , It sucks
  7. Hey I took two 40mg pills a day for about 3 months and stopped after that because of facial redness. It's been about 3 months and my face is still red. Anyone had this problem before? If so, what should I do ?