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  1. I have been experimenting with minimizing the washing of my face. I would go 3 or 4 days before washing with just water. Meanwhile I applied BP every morning. I was very satisfied with the results acne wise and I liked the texture of my skin. I had begun to think that maybe the results were caused by the fact that I had become too old for acne. So I quit the BP part. I started to have breakouts again and my skin started to feel plugged. I then went back to the BP and I cleared back up. T
  2. It's not the shower that keeps you from stinking it's your deoderant.
  3. Same here. I tried quitting the BP and the acne came back. I don't know if returning to soap while quitting the BP would work, but since I've never been able to cleanse my way to clear skin in the past I'm not going to go that route. I've gone back to the BP and things are straightening up.
  4. I have found good results by minimizing my routine to just water and BP. Things were going so well that I thought that perhaps I had finally gotten too old for acne. So I quit the BP cold turkey. The acne started coming back around my nose and chin. So I'm back with the BP and it's straightening up. So maybe some kind of gradual weaning is required to quit some products.
  5. Long

    A cyst gone bad

    I had what I called a "stalled zit" near my scalp. It never went all the way to a cyst and it had too much stuff in it to go away. It just sat there looking like a whitehead. I asked my doctor what he thought about it and he said why don't you have the surgeon look at it. The surgeon said "let's cut". The dude was good. Painless, two stitches, and you can't even see the scar.
  6. Shouldn't more oil flowing out of your pores mean less plugging? If it is the excess oil that is out on the surface of your skin that combines with the dead skin cells to form plugging material, shouldn't you be able to just wash your way to clear skin?
  7. It still makes one wonder, what plugs the pore?
  8. What if oiliness's (sp?) only problem was that it made pores larger. Then when you washed with soap you washed the oil out of the large pore leaving an accessway for bacteria. Your body cambats this by plugging the pore to protect itself. You are then on your way to a problem.
  9. Clearasil. Back in the day Clearasil was the market giant. Which was a shame because it didn't do squat.
  10. I'm 50. Acne hasn't bothered me for a couple of years now. I still come back here to see if the things I changed caused the difference or if I just out grew it. Also I have kids and I want to help them anyway I can.
  11. Janus Ian - "At Seventeen" Yea, I simutaneously loved and hated that song. If you know what I mean.
  12. Depends on how bad you want it. Consider going to an electric shaver. It cuts the irritation way down. Keeps everything up on top. It worked for me.
  13. I don't know accutane. I don't know steroids. I do know acne. It is depressing. It can cause suicide. Know where the true danger lies.
  14. I've battled acne for a long time (scars etc.). My wife has had clear skin her whole life. Our 13 yr. old twins are starting the acne battle. Now... who do they believe in the advice game? Someone who has been in the battle and for the most part lost or someone who is so smart they never got acne in the first place? Well it turns out they think we're both clueless.