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  1. I have lots of red marks, especially on my cheeks, I wondered if I moisturising with an oil free moisturiser would help them fade faster? I'm currently using differin so my skin is quite dry anyway. Yesterday my mum bought me some Clean & Clear Oil Free Dual Action Moisturiser. Is it worth giving it a shot?
  2. I have this problem too. Mine is mostly around the sides of my nose and on the area of the cheek bellow the eye close to the nose. The white stuff seems to show up more after washing and even more after steaming. Often I can scrape it off with my nail when its at the side of my nose, I get a weird satisfaction from doing so too! (I know I probably shouldn't do it, I don't do it on the cheeks as they seem alot more sensitive than the nose.) I've been using differin since june now, and it's made n
  3. bannana's are good probiotics too
  4. Im using differin at the moment. I've been using it since June and I tend to use reasonably generous ammounts, yet I've never suffered irritation in the form of dry skin. I think the key to this is what someone said above regarding the time you wait after cleansing before applying differin. I often wait a couple of hours, not that it needs that long, in fact I probably leave it too long, but I would suggest 30 mins before applying differin. After cleansing my skin tends to fill with moisture for
  5. I agree, although with me as I tend to sweat alot my forehead tends to get really greasy when I have product on my hair. I've stopped using product completely now as it makes me feel uncomfortable. I wash my hair with head & shoulders classic, it's good stuff and doesn't seem to irritate my skin at all. (It's best to have a good shampoo as there always seems to be some shampoo in contact with the skin around your hair line.) It's important to keep your hair as grease-free as possible, one wa
  6. If the moral to your story is that our body's lack good bacteria to fight off the infection, then surely we should look to probiotics - bannanas, yakult, etc.. rather than horse antibiotics. The concept you put forward seems fair enough and as so little is known about acne nyon nothing at least minutely sensible should be dismissed before trying, it's just the consuption of animal medications that worried me.
  7. I really wouldn't recomend it. Not the whole face anyway. If you have an angry inflamed pimple then maybe, but even then be very careful! Ice can burn very badly, so be sure you have something between the ice itself and your skin.
  8. Zinc supplements are supposed to be good. I take them and although I can't say whether they have directly affected my acne, my skin has improved tons since January of this year. At January I began using Aknemycin, steaming, and taking herbal skin tablets and the zinc supplements. If you are going to consider trying the Zinc supplements pay a visit to Holland and barratt or another health shop, I get mine from Holland and barrat for £3, that's for 60 days which isn't bad at all. Remember Zinc in
  9. Whatever you do, do not pop them! Try not to pick at all, I've learnt that lesson the hard way. My skin was extremely similiar to yours this time last year, I tended to give in to the temptation to pick and ended up having tons of red marks and ice-pick type scars. It took a good six months for the red marks to nyon disappear and even now I still have some. So for the love of god please listen to me on this one and do not pick, squeeze or poke about with them!
  10. Accutante's mentioned way too fast. If over the counter remedys aren't working go to see your GP, see what they say. They may either prescribe you something themselves or refer you to a derm. Either way you're seeing someone who know's what they're talking about. (Obviously the derm more so, but GPs still have some knowledge in treating acne). Also you need to make sure you're getting the basics right; GENTLE cleansing - once in the morning and once at night. Don't pick, and don't touch your fac
  11. When you say it constantly forms one whitehead how do you mean? Have you had the same whitehead for a long time? The nose is one of the olliest parts of the face, so it's quite common to have problems with blocked pores there. It might be a good idea (though it's hard to tell without seeing it, and I'm no expert anyway) to gradually increase the BP applied on your nose, make sure you keep touching it to a minimum and also don't pop the whiteheads! It just spreads the infection! It makes it so mu
  12. Boil some water and carefully pour it into a bowl, put your head over the bowl with a towel over your head, obviously make sure you can still breathe though! and make sure you're really carefull! I steam for 10 minutes, but I'd say 12 or 15 would be fine too. I wouldn't recomend anything bellow 8 or 9 and anything above 15. The best thing is to experiment what seems best for you. If after a month or so it seems to be working well, it might be a good idea to invest in a facial sauna (though not e
  13. I'm 17 and from the UK, I have had acne for several years now but begun my treatment in January of this year when my acne was at it's all time worst. It was boardering on severe and was extremely blotchy. It was making me feel extremely depressed. It was in the winter of 2006, October time, that my acne had begun to get alot worse, and it was this that led to the visit to the doc's in January. I was given Aknemycin which I used until June, I saw about a 50% reduction in the acne and the overall
  14. I steam twice a week, my doctor recomended it along side the use of differin. Personally I find it has helped, and has aided the differin in clearing my acne. If you do choose to give it ago, you should be looking to do it 1-2 times a week, and no more. I think it does largely depend upon the type of acne you have though, I wouldn't recomend using a facial sauna if you have agressively inflammatory acne for example.