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  1. the first time I drank it I nearly threw up, but I've been using it now for 2 weeks and honestly it almost tastes like apple juice now. ACV didn't do anything dramatic for my skin, but it has helped improve...I say why not? It certainly can't hurt your skin. Make sure to buy organic ACV tho otherwise it won't work.
  2. maybe try only salycic acid and differin? I find BP to be very drying and it irritates your skin to no end when used with other products
  3. what has worked better for you? salycic acid or benzoyl perooxide?
  4. my skin is looking A LOT better if I do say so myself...not perfect but no more cysts!! pic pic 2 WHAT did I do?? here's my routine: morning: cosmedicine healthy cleanse clean&clear dual action moisturizer drink 2 tblspoons apple cider vinegar night: cosmedicine healthy cleanse spot treat anything with hydrogen peroxide claen&clear dual action moisturizer drink 2 tblspoons appe cider vinegar this will be good for people with uber sensitive skin like moi b/c there's no BP which i
  5. the problem is that i can't really start treating my scars and red marks because my acne is still not completely gone.....when i moisturize a lot i get all of the black heads and stuff for example........any advice would be great
  6. what about salycic acid? I find that works better for me than benzoyl peroxide
  7. so the picture is really bad (blurry, I just woke up, etc) but you get the idea I have a lot of red marks on the side of my face on my cheeks with only a few active pimples, but my face is still so gross from all of the red marks.....any suggestions? I'm currently using apple cider vinegar and take 2 100mg doses of cephalexin a day accutane is not an option....my derm says that I'm "not a candidate for accutane" it sucks cuz i had bad acne for like 2 months but im stuck with these scars for life
  8. quick question- is the regular oxy daily wash with 10% BP okay to use or do you have to get "oxy 10 chill factor" b/c i can't find the "chill factor" stuff at CVS. Thanks
  9. what should I do? I have this large red, painful thing on the end of my nose and its shiny as well! urgghhh..suggestions? picture
  10. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!! it may not look that bad in the picture, but it hurts and is really red and shiny and large and it sucks :(
  11. Help! what is this red thing on my nose?? It's not that big of a bump, but it is painful. I squeezed it a little after the shower and some yellow stuff came out, but its so large and red plus its shiny too!! How can I get rid of it? picture