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  1. I tried the regimen using Benzac for two months. I saw limited results and the drying was beyond belief!! plus white residue Three weeks ago I ordered Dan's gel. I have had the best results!!! I am currently 95% clearer than i was. I experience limited drying (nothing moisturiser can't fix. and being winter i would normally be dry anyway so it might not even be the BP) There is no white residue. I can wear makeup over it easily. If it is possible I would recommend to anyone in Aus to try D
  2. I like to say to people (and yes it does shock them), upon being asked how i am: "well I'm just waitin for the planets to start orbiting around this mo fo of a zit on my nose. shouldn't be too long now."
  3. You should be really careful doing to much physical activity on this kind of fast - just as far as not making yourself pass out/faint. I was sick once for a little while and couldn't eat much except fluids (couple of days). Then I went to school and I felt fine, but suddenly my body just couldn't take the exertion of standing up and I fainted in the middle of the playground. (embarassing legs and skirt flying up in the air incident :redface2: lets not go there.) so just be careful :wink:
  4. Day Five: No new blemishes to report. Hurray!! All of the ones on my cheeks are still there, but many are smaller (they are on the way out). not much else to report. sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky, light breeze - and here i am at work tapping away on a computer!! a bientot xx
  5. Day Four: This morning, after cleansing, I happened to lean forward inorder to wash my hands. i looked up and got a real close up of my face in the mirror. It was a graveyard of dead, dry skin. It was so dry there was a white sheen over it. Groan. I just couldn't put more bp on top of this. just couldn't do it to my poor face. So today I went BP free and just moisturised. I am worried that this will cause further break outs. But I am doing the best that I can. I very gently exfoliated tonight (
  6. Day Three: Thanks jc. I will look into the sunscreen. By the by I read all of your postings about nutrition etc. Very interesting and well informed (Respect!). The jojoba doesn't actually make me look oily. Skin is so dry that it just drinks it all up and starts begging for more! I have a suspision that the active on my cheeks are getting smaller today. Quietly optimistic here. I read over all the diet stuff that aerobunny suggested. I have decided to give Dan's Regimen + water + no sugars
  7. Day Two: God bless who ever posted info about jojoba oil. I send them a cyber hug (can't remember who it was) I was really getting totally disgusted with the dryness, but the jojoba is much better, and does not sting at all. I applied it last night and this morning. Have to be really careful, however, now that I have no SPF in my moisturiser. Reassessment of my face: I really just have a problem on my cheeks (the apple) the rest is pretty dang good. But the cheeks, she not so good. But they w
  8. okay. This is it. I have officially had enough of acne for at least as long as i can remember. Hopefully keeping track of my progress will help, keeping me motivated and less depressed... What I plan to do until the bloody shits are off my face for ever and ever, amen: INTERNALLY: * drink a minimum of two litres of water every day. WHich by the way makes me have to pee an alarming number of times. * Taking: zinc, vitamin C, omega 3, omega 6, multivitamin. * Have been doing a course of tablet
  9. Aerobunny: have you always only used the bp at night?? Is it still affective? Thanks