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  1. Being afraid is OK

    Fear is normal

    I have it

    you have it

    I heard courage is having fear and conquering it

    I am afraid to be alone

    now im afraid thats how I like to be...

    Im too comfortable by myself

    Im too comfortable writing on acne.org

    Im afraid to log off

    Im afraid someone will read this and think its a poem

    Im afraid he or she will think Im a terrible writer

    ...and stop reading.

    What if people stop reading?

    what if i get used to it?

    and never write again...

    Im afraid to say "Im afraid"

    Im afraid to admit the disgust I have for my face

    What if they say..."yeah"

    what if they say..."nah"

    Im afraid that people will see my flaws

    Im afraid people will see that I notice they see my flaws

    Im afraid they will agree

    Im afraid they will feel sorry

    And those who dont see my flaws

    are they just being sympathetic?

    Does it matter?

    If they say they dont see it,

    ...there might be something mentally wrong with me

    what if I go crazy

    what if all it takes for mental ilness, is one more pimple

    one more stare

    one more glance

    one more panic attack

    Im afraid of making no sense

    Im afraid of not connecting

    Im afraid of not wanting to connect

    Im afraid of speling baddly

    Im afraid some one might think

    that I used the word 'afraid' too much

    ...and stop reading

    Im afraid to be afraid

    and im afraid thats how I like to be...

  2. Sweet. I havent been able to find any ppl that use skintactix. For me... I love it. The antibacterial cleanser smells delicious!!! and tastes good too. lol.

    I havent had any new outbreaks but my old inflamations are going down. I guess its becaue the Green Tea Pultice has mineral clay with zinc!!!

    Anyways... please keep posting. and update some pics if you can. Ill try to do the same!

  3. Um... I htink I was 8 or 9 when I got Hepatitis.

    At the time I was living in Mexico (now US) so it's kind of hard to get in touch with the doctor to ask if I had A, B, C, D, E, F, or G... :D

    I forgot and so did my mom

    Anyways...I can always ask my derm, and I know a simple blood test can determine if my liver is healthy enough. Oh, Hepatitis damages the liver, if you didnt know.

    The Hepatitis wasnt that bad. I was only sick for 3 days or so. Im thinking that because it wasnt severe, and I was so young, that my liver should be fine?

    So if anyone has any advice, Id LOVE to hear it.

  4. Hey I got this book... Acne No More.

    It lists a bunch of supplements like olive leaf oil, coconut oil, EFAs, Zinc, Mag. etc

    It also states that most ppl with CANDIDA yeast infection have acne.

    Have you had a Candida test?

    Its simple, just spit in a glass of water...if you dont know what candida is, this may sound redic. but google it and youll see...

    Also chronic acne sufferers may have a vitamin A deficiency, be sensitive to Wheat, or Milk...

    Anyways, if you want this book in PDF, let me know and ill email it to ya.

  5. I just ordered Skintacitx slash Bion from their website (skintactix.com) and im really exited to start the regimen. I got it because the website believes it is the best skin care product against acne. It has no Benzoyl Peroxide which they claim to age the skin. They are essential oils and organic things like green tea bla bla bla. Im just sooo sick of this.

    I know every one has acne at one point. And many of us have a problem with it, but I feel like Im dealing with this all alone.

    I've been trying to go outside and socialize as much as possible but I end up watching movies in the comfort of my parents house with my family all day.

    I'm pretty new to this site. Prior to this, I was only using common medications like BP and prescribed antibiotics (minocycline). So Im still pretty ignorant when it comes to "fixing" this acne thing, but isnt every one? Doctors can explain acne very simply, but no one has a cure for it, just theories. For example in the couple months I've been on this site, I have read many individual regimens and supplements that all contradict each other. You know what I mean? Im beginning to think no one knows what their talking about. (not even Dan?...sorry he has created a wonderful site...but thats just how I feel)

    ~BP, Dan's way, hasnt worked for everyone AND some claim that it ruins the skin.

    ~Accutane is supposed to be the ultimate way, but then I hear that its just an overdose in vitamin A and I can basically kill you.

    ~Ive grown up hearing that chocolate can make you break out. Then you hear that its all genetic and that it doesnt matter what you eat. Then I read that its all hormonal. THEN I read that what you eat can agrovate your hormones and lead to breakouts. Apparently, I cant eat wheat, eggs, meat, and a bunch of other crap. Topicals dont work. Altering my diet feels like its killing me and ive ended up taking these supplements: Vitamins A, B, C,D & E, and will soon start taking vitamin B5, and Calcium. I also take Omega-3, Zinc, Brewers Yeast, a multivitamin AND minocyclin. But then im warned about taking these vitamins because it could cause a vitamin deficiency. You know? so ill probably start taking other thinkgs like copper to balance the zinc and GAH! its frustrating. I just want to eat a polar bears liver and see what happens. Heck, If I survive, I wont have any hair, but my acne will be "cured"...

    ~Oh! When you watch the Proactiv infomercials, Jessica Simpson says "I was sooo stressed, and I broke out!" but when you purchase it.... The pamphlet says that stress doesnt cause breakouts. WTF?

    In conclussion... I jsut had to get this out. I might me wrong in assuming this is all pointless and that im just not taking care of my skin well enough. Oh and I didnt mean to diss Dan. Like I said he created something awesome...but...but...but.... I'm just really confused.. What do I do?

    PS sorry about the attitude (if you piked up on it) Im not negative all the time. Im just having an anxious episode and it helps to get it out. Yay to magic in writing!

  6. Hi elevate. Thank you very much for replying all that. Whether your scars or something else caused your panic attack, Im sure it only made it worse. Especially with the BDD.

    Funny thing. I have anxiety disorder and when i looked up BDD on Wiki, I started to panic because I thought I had BDD.

    But anyways, I can relate to some of your situations as well. I didn't mention it, but I also avoid old friends because I knew them in High School when I had flawless skin. Isn't that silly?

    In therapy I have learned that AVOIDANCE is crippling, because you're letting your disorder beat you. Instead, I need to face my fears, go through the panic, and deal with it.

    I wonder... What kind of help are you getting with your BDD/Panic Attacks?

    Oh by the way, I'm 21, and I don't think you can ever be TOO OLD to try and change things to live a better life :razz:

    Also, I feel like I need to tell you not to let anything interfere with getting help with BDD, and if you feel like ppl think your vain for worrying about your appearance, its totally normal and just part of the disorder. You can beat it!

    Keep me posted

  7. So, I've been diagnosed with ADHD (the impulsive kind, not the hyperactive) and some form of Anxiety disorder, but I cant help but to think that ACNE had something to do with it.

    It all started last summer when my mommy tells me she is sick of my ADHD. So we get me some meds that dont work. My ACNE had been pretty much cured that summer with DUAC gel and Minocilin (spelling?) so I stopped taking it, but as soon as school started, my entire face was bubbling. UHK!

    My friends have flawless skin... no, IOWA has perfect skin. That's what it felt like. I was in a college town full of young beautiful people making connections, friends, and lovers, but I wasn't so lucky. My ACNE was at its worse and I dint want to see anyone. It was the first week of school so all my friends wanted to see me. I saw everyone I knew all at once and I felt smaller with each person I made eye contact with.

    I think it was Wednesday. I had seen a lot of ppl when I wasnt in the mood, I went home, took my ADHD medication, smoked a bowl, ran a couple miles, and came back to my dorm to get ready for bed. And that's when the PANIC ATTACK hit me.

    My heart was racing, I started to get really analyticall thoughts in my head about my self worth, and about how pathetic I was for letting something as superficial as ACNE affect me sooooo much, and I freaked. I had a TWO hour panic attack that started with being moody to thoughts of suicide. I thought I was going crazy, and I feared that I would never return to reality.


    Well, anyways. I forgot what the point was that I was trying to make (ADHD), but-oh yeah! ACNE psychological side effects!

    Ok so I dont know if:

    1. ACNE introduced this ANXIETY shit


    2. ACNE bothers me so much because I have ANXIETY.

    Either way, I thought it would be a good idea to start treating the ANXIETY as well as the ACNE. So this is why I'm writing. I am beggining BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION THERAPY to help me cope with ANXIETY & DEPRESSION (sorry for the ALL CAPS, for some reason I feel like you'll read on if I do it (; )

    Hopefully that will give me the tools to cope with ACNE a little better as well as to help me with other ANXIETY problems, like the fears that someone is looking too close at my face, or laughing at me for having ACNE, or maybe I wont be all uncomfortable when a PROACTIV commercial comes on TV!!!

    Anyways... If anyone is feeling really really really ridiculously good looking...COOL!

    but if your ACNE is making you feel like SHIET, maybe get help for depression or anxiety?

    Anyone else out there have a similar story?




    Pick you up at 8?

    Peace, beautiful children of the earth ;)

  8. Some people swear by it. I'm using it because I asked my derm for 2.5% bp and duac was the closest I could get here in South Korea. It's really, really polluted here so I figure the added antibiotic is a good thing...

    Maybe try plain bp to see how you go with that before trying duac if you're not sure?

  9. Facebook has no ads, well I did see a blockbuster one, but that was it..

    Myspace however is fucked up with viruses and music and color..

    neither is hard to use because even a 7 year old can figure it out.

    This site is awesome though, but I dont like that huge ACNE.ORG text at the top.. and the bright blue and white color. I WANT SOME BLACK AND GREEN.