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  1. gallery_65609_7258_9043.jpg

    Hey. I haven't logged on in a while, and I feel sooo much better than ever.

    One thing I realized is that by being on this site everyday and complaining about my life situation was forcing me to see myself in terms of my condition. If all you ever think about is your acne, it becomes part of your identity. well it isnt. Not only that, but my acne isnt that much better than when i was really depressed, but now I look dam hot, and if im not, thats ok.

    Its really true when ppl say that ppl dont notice your acne as much as you do. They dont even notice it all sometimes or probably dont care.

    When I used to look in the mirror I used to get a pain in the stomach, and my attention would go straight to those imperfections that I had let define me.

    Some of us are only making it worse by complaining about it. When you complain, you wish you where somewhere else. the NOW is not good enough and we cant accept it. How are you going to make peace that way? You'll never be perfect and you'll have to accept yourself someitme. Why not now?

    The idealistic view of what skin should look like is made up, and may never become a truth for us. It wasnt till I realized that all I have is NOW, that I was able to let go of ridiculous, impulsive, irrelevant, false, irrational, negative thoughts... Oh thoughts... My disease.

    So if you think your mind is an aid to your suffering... Maybe topicals arent the solution.

    The answer to you problems is...









    Not accutane!!!


    Just kidding. Humor has been known to save lives.

    I dont know if any of this makes sense to you. I guess I wanted to write this becasue I feel like although this site has helped so many, including myself, at the same times it enables people.

    Just like everytime my mom gives me 20 bucks for gas, I look for a job a little less...

    Every time I am allowed to complain (on this site), I look for "peace of mind" a little less...

    I dont need any validation nor contradiction, Im just posting an opinion. Maybe someone will go Aha! and get a glimpse of "it's-okay-ness"

    If Im sounding like Tom Cruise in his famous You Tube Scientology interview. Thats Ok.

    Anyways. Peace. Out.


  2. Thanks thanks thanks. What are the best scar treatments. I was looking at fraxel videos and was amazed! And the whole lighting thing... Eww. Its like my life is controlled by lighting. I wont go into subways (the sandwitch place) because the lights are ultra bright, and make me look awful.

  3. thanks guys. I still have a lot of redness and thats why cant tell if they will go away quick. You actually cant tell its that bad utill I stand directly under a strong light. Then all the little imperfections cast a shadow and I look like the phantom of the opera lol.

    Also there are some scars that look like smooth red marks under my bathroom lights, but when natural light hits my face fromthe side, those red marks look like shallow boxcar scars. I really hope those goa way with the redness.

    Thanks again guys. I just need some hope while I go through this accutane crap.

  4. Hey guys, I have a question about acne and scars. Since most of you in this forum have beat acne, I'd like to know if you feel as bad about scars as you did about acne.

    I've been clearing up my skin pretty well lately, and I've been getting more scared because when the acne leaves my face it uncovers what my face ACTUALLY LOOKS like.

    Did anyone feel like this? Its almost like I don't want to clear up my acne because I'll have too look at my face, and I'll be disappointed.

    Im the kind of person that gets really embarrassed about acne and can only talk about it with family and one or two friends. Basically, Im really embarrassed and sometimes I don't want to leave my house, make eye contact, or show my face anywhere...

    So my question is, when my acne does go away, will I have the same problem with my scars? will I still be hiding my face? Will I still be afraid of bright fluorescent lights? Will I ever be satisfied with the appearance of my skin or will I have to just get used to it?

    Also, now that Im on this forum... Id like to also ask, when the red marks appear right after the infection has gone away, is the little indentation that comes with the red marks, a permanent scar, or is it just the way that new skin looks? When the red mark fades and becomes regular, will this indentation go away?

    These are questions Im really confused about, because I can never be too sure what are scars and what are just pimples making my face look rugged. Oh and ppl say "scars fade" but how can that be??? Scars are permanent, and if yours faded, well.... they weren't scars. RIGHT? Oh I just don't know.

    If you answer any of these questions, Ill really appreciate it. Thanks you all!

  5. oh gawd... I hadnt even thought about weed making me break out... I hope it doesnt. Even when I get the munchies though, I dont eat shit that makes me break out. But yeah, does smoking pot make anyone break out?

  6. Thanks everyone...but, Here is my biggest concern... I'm pretty much approved for accutane. All I got to do is call my doctor for a signature. I have been eating really well, stopped smoking, and started exercising for about 4 weeks now. I havent gotten a new pimple for about a week and im clearing up. Thing is, that when I slack off, my acne will come back. I know that because its happened before. So should I get the tane? or just learn good habits? I really want the acne gone for good and accutane is so unnatural it scares me, but if I get one more pimple... accutane it is

  7. So I've been trying really hard to eliminate dairy and grains from my diet and it has been really hard. Everything in my mom's house has wheat, pasta, bread, and I just don't know what qualifies as bad.

    So if I have the type of acne that erupts from elevated blood sugar, is it all grains that I should be avoiding or just wheat?

    And what counts as a grain? Is Corn a grain? Tortillas? White bread? I just need help with this one. Also if everyone could please list their healthy diets and explain why it is that way, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Oh and are fat free cream cheese and fat free cottage-cheese dairy?