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Release the Stars

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  1. are you really jessy mcarthy?

    lol. Hey

    1. check out eckhart tolle on youtube to get a glimpse. his books are "the power of now" and "a new earth". they are spiritual though...

      Skintactix YES! i still love it. but my acne went away from eating better. I fugured out that if you get acne mostly on your chin and cheeks, its hormonal, and sugar and carbs freak them out. so basically no wheat. crazy!

      1. Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it. God himself has created you; you cannot be improved

        1. hey buddy. New pics on your Tane log look good! Is your tane treatment over? Im thinking of starting it too.

          1. hey did you try skintactix?

            1. hey ditto on mostly all your listed intersts, but above all...buffy

              1. hey do you use skintactix? I just got that and I was wondering if I should expect a clear face...

                1. hey franie. love your blog!

                  1. Hey I hope acutane works for you and you feel comfortable and productive in college soon!

                    1. Hey Newbie!

                      your display pic looks familiar. is it japanese?

                      1. Hey skin looks great! um... thanks for the comment...I guess you can never bee too young or old for therapy, so...yeah. Hope everything is good!

                        1. Hey thanks for the helpful comments.

                          Oh about RE3. I was just disapointed becasue i such a hardcore fan of the RE1.!!!

                          1. Hey we might take your regimen more seriously if you had proof... uplead some pics dude!

                            1. Hey you commented on my scarring post.

                              Just wondering...have YOU taken accutane???

                              1. hey you look like the cute american idol. I was on acutane for 4 days and then I quit.