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  1. mmm.. delicious. Ok cook your rice (or sprout/soak for raw). When you cook your rice add some of the black juice/broth from the black beans can. Boil your beans. add some water to make it as soupy as you want and ad pork if you want, onions, and salt. thats all. Then grab a bowl. Put some rice and pour the bean soup on top. Garnish with: -choppped cilantro -diced raw onions -diced raw radish -a squeeze of lime or lemon and if you want... the special ingredient is roasted tomato sauce. put a
  2. So I went in to my appointment and e did a laser facial. but before he did that he "extracted" my zits... WTF? i have been trying so hard not to touch them things and here he comes with his big fat fingers and pops them ALL!!! I asked him if it would cause scarring and he let his assistant answer by saying "when you pop your own zits you push th bacteria back down, but when HE does it he pushes them from underneath." Ok... so i went home with huge scabs. By the way some of the pimples he po
  3. Finnaly went to my psychologist. It went pretty good. There was no breakthrough or epiphany but just knowing Im getting counseling gave me so much hope. I felt great afterwards and the day after. I cant stop telling my friends and family how good it went. We only got to know each other a little bit, but Im really exited. One funny thing: I asked him if he would eventually diagnose me with one or more disorders so that I could go to a support group with other depressed and self critical peoples
  4. thanks jezbel. I feel better. Why do I feel like I need to be beautiful? I hope I dont ALWAYS struggle with that. But anyways, Im trying. thanks again. bye

    1. Yes, im sure there are lots of issues depressing me. Where do i start though? Im scared. It's in the weird part of town where you cant get reception. But oh well, maybe they can help. That reminds me. Does anyone know who I should see? there are Psychiatrists (they presrcibe right? i dont want drugs) , Psychologists, therapist, shrink, counselor? Your regimen sounds pretty good. Are you still using proactive? Oh and I've been exercising too. I still don't go outs
    2. is that a final fantasy picture?

      1. be careful with what you say. Other people on this site can get their hopes up. And no one really knows if it works.
      2. i just dont get it. healthy skin, secrets its oil in a healthy way. In a way that it wont clog the pores and cause acne no? I mean, I jsut have a diferent definition of health I guess. Oh and a healthy body with more beneficial than harmful bacteria wont have any left over bacteria to infest the skin...
      3. I saw a new derm because i was looking for someone that could see me right away. I was expecting a cortisone shot or some immediate relief form this outbreak and she tried to give me antibiotics... ugh... I refused, and she refused to give me cortisone shots. lol she also wrote me an RX for a foam wash and a leave on foam. They are super expensive and im not breaking out any more. It's just this set of zits that came all at once I have a problem with, so I'm just letting my face breathe for a w
      4. You're wrong. You may apear to have a healthy body with your six pack and all, but how can you say that you are healty inside? To me, having healthy skin means not having wounds on my face. And yes, what you eat can help tremendously. Even with you genes. If you start a low carb diet, no grains, no sugars, no junk. It has worked for me. And lots of doctors are recomending it. Anyways quit saying that you know, when I know you havent tried EVERYTING. You say you have the acne gene right? Lets
      5. OMG keep it up. internal, external. it still the body, and acne does relflect your health.
      6. I can do the same thing: (its better if you reald it out loud like a bratty girl in elementry school) You guys are fuckin stupid cuz i read in this one article that heavy lifting is bad for you and so is sweating. So even though running will level up your hormones, you better watch out for sweating. M'kay? Gosh everyone is so dumb.
      7. Thanks Jesebel. I have a derm AND psychiatrist apointment today. oh and your second msg is too kind. Thanks brokendoll. I really is not fair missyjean 130. it really isn't that severe. Its more a self esteem thing... i think. Thats what im told anyways. Oh and I tried acutane for a week and it hurt all over. Im convinced not to use it. Thanks Weegee, but you are gorgeous in YOUR avatar. Can I asume you're acne free? John 1234, aka my twin brother? LOL. yeah. 21/22. We should be getting lay
      8. So for a time, I thought I had completely beat acne. I was running, quit smoking, eating health, no gluten, no wheat, no sugar, no processed foods, I took vitamins, had a good regimen and so on. When acne cleared up, I was left with red marks. As these marks faded, it left me with scars. These scars I know now that will go away. I’ve realized that when there is a red mark, its texture is a little different. Its harder tissue and sits at a lower level than the healthy skin around it. Anyways, I
      9. So Ive gone through, Benzoyl Peroxide, non aproved internet only bought creams. Ive had fraxel, and mild lactic acid chemical peels. Im also trying emu oil, and snail secretion on my face. The thing is that I get really hot in the face and dont know if its because my skin is irritated or if i have an illnes, food allergy or unbalanced hormones. I also heard it could be anxiety. Anyways, I think I could rule out irritation only because my ears get really hot to. A woman at work told me it sounded
      10. running did get rid of my ACNE for a summer... and about the scars? well, it cant hurt. You need to have a healthy body for healthy skin.
      11. http://www.absoluteacneinfo.com/guide.html there is a link to the site. It explains it all. Just trying to get ppls opinions. Oh and also read the politics of sugar. It sounds like sugar is a conspiracy. here's the link: http://www.naturalnews.com/009797.html
      12. the truth is that you are what you eat.
      13. I just finished my las fraxel 3 weeks ago, and I want to know if I can exfoliate yet, or do a light chemical peel for the extra dead skin. anyone know?
      14. i just had my 4th fraxel. all my marks are gone. actually, they where gone after the second treatment. but if you only want to get rid of red marks, not scars, fraxel is much more expensive than a peel.
      15. I jsut had my last fraxel treatment 3 weeks ago. When you get fraxeled, you are not allowed to touch the face, since it's so sensitive. Well, I want to exfoliate or do a light peel. So for anyone who has had a TCA peel: How harsh will it be on my skin? I bought an oz of 12.5% and dont really know what to expect.
      16. do you eat a lot of sugar and bread? wheat made me break out at your age.