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Release the Stars

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    Iowa, USA
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    Design, music, art, friends, laughing, dancing, vintage, Madona, guitar, keyboard, spray paint, graffiti, tagging, street art, photoshop, illustrator, shoplifting, films, shirt designs, stencils.<br /><br />Im currently reading<br />You mean Im not Stupid Lazy or Crazy ( a book on ADHD )<br />What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality<br /><br />Currently in ART<br />Ive been decorating tshirts with stencils and spray paint<br />I'd like to start my own company and sell OWL apparel There are soo many kids in the music scene who would die for my ghetto home-made OWL shirts. I will design a sweet website to go along as soon as I have enough designs done.<br /><br />Socially<br />Ive been very reserved lately. I took the semester off from college and am living with mom. I do nothing but my job and work on my art.<br /><br />Now listening to<br />Patti Smith, The stooges (thanks to JUNO film)<br />Of Montreal, Bell and Sbastian, Elliot Smith, Beetles, Spektor, Feist, Peaches<br />

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