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  1. Moisturises, but doesn't treat acne

    This doesn't make any difference to my acne/acne scars, but it does moisturise well.
  2. PenSniffer

    Just didn't work for me

    Just didn't work for me

    I've gone through so many over the counter products and nothing seems to work for me, I tried this after seeing reviews and being told it was good by many. I applied it on my face before bed every night and washed off with water in the morning for about a week, it made no difference and, if not, my skin became worse
  3. Good at first, but less effective later on

    I've been using Duac on and off since about June 2016. I get acne flare ups which are very inflamed and over the counter products never work. At first, it worked amazingly and I was really happy with the way it was clearing my skin. As time went on it just became ineffectual and I think my skin might have built up a resistance to it- I've heard that has happened to people that have used this over time.