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  1. Ok so I'm back from the appointment with my doctor, I'm lucky to be a medical student and he could explain a little (these explanations belong to him, it's his point of view): -All acne scars have a hypodermic attachment, and it is only for this reason (in the case of minor, moderate scar) that the scar is present. If the tie is removed the skin will return to the same level and thus the scar will disappear. - Currently fractional co2 lasers can not break the fibrous attachment that holds th
  2. This improvement is crazy ! Good luck for the next step
  3. You're right, when we have a complex we are our worst judge, especially in acne scars. The RF micronnedling technique is a very conceivable option for me, the benefit / risk ratio seems to be reassuring and the doctor I'll see do this technique. I'll discuss all this during my appointment, I'll keep this topic up to date! Thank u everybody to give me your point of view, it's really appreciable.
  4. Thanks you very much for your help ! The first article about the modified phenol peel helped me, and it's one of technique that my doctor use I believe, not only phenol but croton oil and many other things. Honestly I don't know what think about my skin, I swear it seem be better in picture than front of the mirror, anyway I have an appointment with my doctor this week.. This sh*t is so hard when you're 20 years
  5. Thank u dude for your analyse, I know that my skin is not bad comparante at other people here, but yes my pores XXL enlarged bothers me You've convince my to wait the job of the time, micronedling is too risky for me even 0.5
  6. Thank you for your advice, I know that exoderm is risky, but in view of the improvement that gives my face can be improved in one treatment, it is a question of benefit / risk. Do you really think that pelling Glycolic and Lactic can significantly improve the appearance of my pores, and boxcar? My skin is not the worst, but not the best either Hey, like you know (I've PM you) i'm living in a country not specialized in acne scar treatment, I can to travel but being a student it's very d
  7. Hello everyone i'm wondering if a deep peel like exoderm/exopeel can improve my scars. I know that TCA cross work on my type of scars but there is no derm who practice that where I'm,on the other hand i'm next to one of the best dermatologist who practice exoderm. I've found two subject who speak about but I need more feedback : I am waiting for your opinion on my case or some feedback thank you My scars
  8. Dr.Lim write this : "this dogma of lasers and isotretinoin has been indoctrinated into practice over the past 30 years! Initial papers were on high dose accutane with very aggressive treatments such as fully ablative CO2 laser and full dermabrasion. I frequently perform fillers, subcsion, TCA CROSS, eMatrix, needling, and low density fractional lasers on patients who are on low dose Accutane. From a legal point of view, your treating physician may want to wait 6 months or longer- this is under
  9. Hello, thank you Beautifulambition for your plan, I think my scars are improved a bit since April I was very busy and was trying to think of something other than my skin problems, it's why I was not on the site anymore. and that I did not answer you :). But since 3-4 days I literally tried to understand everything about acne scar, at least what is available to us, and this site helped me a lot. it's pretty annoying to know that I have a scars cause my first dermatologist did not think (
  10. Thank you for your participation, hoping that Dr.Chu will help you improve your scars Keep us informed
  11. Hello , I'm 20 y.o and really lost about my skin I'll get you up quickly: August 2017 I did not have a wonderful skin, but compared to what will follow I would have liked to keep it .. September 2017 I do not know why the condition worsens very quickly I will see my dermatologist, he prescribed me isotretinoin, I made with this dermatologist 2 months to 20mg and then to 40mg ( I weigh 70Kg) December I have to renew my treatment but he is on vacation .. I am going