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  1. Has anyone gone through (successfully) with the whole colon cleanse/ liver flush thing? Does it stop oily skin?
  2. scarredforlife? how much improvement have you had on your scars now? Do you think the LIS method is worth it? Thanks.
  3. hazlenut or bai, have you found anything helpful yet? my face is oily to the extreme. i don't like blotting it with anything because it still feels nasty and i feel like i'm just meshing the oil into my skin. is there any med that i can take? and don't mention b5 cuz i've been on that for months and nothing.
  4. is the medical grade silicon approved by the FDA? either way does anyone know any docs that use it? (east coast)
  5. rebellgyrl, thanks for sharing could you answer a couple quick questions? 1. Did you have a lot of scars? rolling, ice pick etc? 2. Where did you have your needling done and where did you have your injections done? 3. For how many months did you have to have these injections? 4. What do you mean by 95% improvement? Are you saying that 5% of your scars are still visible or that each scar looks 95% better? Thanks
  6. manicdepression...the reason no one is answering your question is probably because no one else thinks their scars look better in the morning rather than night. Your scar is as deep as it is whether it's morning/night, it's all in your head. Scars do look less visible in certain lights and I think everyone would agree that one day your scars look less visible and the next day they look horrific. bottom line, ask someone whether your scars look better in the morning or night and I guarentee y
  7. "In order to augment my appearace I have had multiple Restalyne injections, which seem to last about 3-4 months for me." HBK... How much did it cost for the Restalyne injections? Also, good luck with the bio-alcamid and please tell us about your results.
  8. Can someone tell me how much downtime I should expect from having my whole face needled and having cross treatment on MANY ice picks? I'm not going to put make up on because I'm a guy and that would be too weird. I've had dermabrasion and chemical peels, my skin stayed red for about three weeks, is this the same for needling and tca cross? I also plan on having the cross treatment about a month after the needling...good idea? Thanks in advance, Paul.
  9. thanks for the replies! I've searched google about 'creatine and acne' but some say it's myth and some say it's fact, I guess it depends on your body. Does anyone know an alternative to creatine for bodybuilding?
  10. just add a teaspoon of liquid flaxseed oil, i put it in my orange juice every morning.
  11. i took creatine for a week and had a huge breakout, has anyone else had this happen? if you do take creatine, how much of it do you take per day?
  12. why do you take zinc? acne? oily skin? dry skin?
  13. retin a is used to stop acne and improve skin tca peel is a deeper peel for acne scars you can't do a second peel after 8 days and you can't put on retin A the day after a peel. i suggest you see a dermatologist before doing Anything.
  14. yeah, i have a korg triton too, i'm a sequencing fanatic.
  15. i popped a lot of my pimples, big f*cking mistake. but some of my pimples left scars on their own. my advice, use retin A, a good cleanser, obagi has a good product line, don't buy crap that you see on tv, and then leave your scars alone..don't even touch them unless you're applying the retin A.