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  1. Paul86

    Relatively inexpensive A little goes a long way. Have only used 2/3 of the bottle in about a year Good quality! None. Container gets oily, but this really isn't a con. Heh. Dan must wish the bottle didn't last so long! I love this! Never really thought about applying this to treat acne, but am thinking about it since reading other reviews. I have used it for other purposes though, almost daily. - moisurizing dry, itchy skin, shaving, and can be a lot of fun to use with a partner. Not r
  2. Hello everyone. Been a long time since I have posted, but have been browsing the message boards since I've recently started the Acne.org Regimen. Have had to refresh my memory on all of the steps and all of the other information that is available here. Thought I would post a log to keep track of my progress, for those who are interested, and to get advice. I am about a week in. Am really starting to forget now. This is the first time I will be doing the Regimen, and sticking to it! I want to Ge
  3. Thanks. It was getting lonely in here and nice to meet you
  4. Been a while since my last update. I just recently stopped taking accutane again, with just 6 days left. Was feeling depressed all the time. I guess I am one of the people it affects this way. Not feeling as bad now, but I think it will take time to feel myself again. Also really dry skin, lips, and the inside of my nose. Can't imagine how bad it would be if I was on a higher dose. I think I just need to moisturize more frequently. And breakouts. None since I got off. I had quite a few just befo
  5. Thought I would take the time to do this survey. Seems worthwhile. Intro Questions ----1) How much do you weigh? 135 lbs ----2) How long have you had acne? 7 - 8 years ----3) How severe is your acne? (Rate it 1-5 with 1=one or two whiteheads and 5= tons of cysts,blackheads,etc) Also include what "type" of acne you have (whiteheads,cysts,etc) I guess 3 ----4) List any vitamins or supplements you are taking just a multivitamin daily ----5) List any acne cleansers,moiturizers,etc you are u
  6. Well, I thought I would do another quick update. Sort of bored today. at home for the long weekend. Oh yeah. I moved out in August. Live on my own in the city now. Are there any other acne sufferers in Ottawa? Don't really have much to complain about. Last night I was looking in my bathroom mirror thinking my skin looked really good, except for the dryness. The whole bottom half of my face is flaking. lol. Well, I only have less than a month to go. Think I may take some pictures when I get back
  7. Hey. I just realized how long it's been since I posted anything her or updated my journal. I guss I just came back cause I wanted to vent, and I am bored at work. So yeah... I am on Accutane again, for the 3rd time. My derm put me on another low does because that worked well the 2nd time. Almost done, but I am so frustrated. Getting these huge cysts on my cheeks. Will usually have one on one side, it'll go away and then I will get one on the other side, as well as randomly on my shoulders and ba
  8. I posted a comment in your gallery. Didn't see that you made this thread. Heh. I'm just going to edit this and say that I think the scarring probably looks worse because of the strong lighting. In the first few pics (or are those the last ones you uploaded ) it really doesn't look bad to me.
  9. I was hanging out with Joel in there most of the time, but stopped going in there when I got busy. Someone please delete the post above. That was me.
  10. GO... Your skin will start to even out a little bit after you've been off the accutane longer. Trust me. I've noticed it myself. I've also had days like that where I've felt so hopeless. About the weight loss... do you think you've been eating less because you've become depressed? I don't eat when I'm depressed and I lost nearly 20 lbs recently. And kkhajavi, I'm sure GO will do all she can to treat her scars when the time comes. She just has to wait as she just finished Accutane.
  11. Hey Keeger. As you might know, I had to get off of Accutane after 3 months. I was starting to break out and my skin just looked like shit in general. I was feeling pretty hopeless. I started Septra shortly after and the cysts I was getting have gone already. Everything also looks so much better now that the redness is going. It's a really cheap prescription, too. I was surprised. Maybe you could take the same route. Hang in there. I know how you feel. I've felt the same. Paul
  12. It probably won't ever happen again. I really wouldn't worry about it.
  13. Don't worry. I had really horrible stomach pain and diarrhea on my second day. It was just that one day.
  14. Hey You should try using Aquaphor on your lips. It might work better than Blistex. You could also use it in your nose The blood is just from the dryness. If you start feeling worse than just a bit moody, tell your derm. It can get a lot worse, as it did for me. I had to get off after 3 months. Hope all goes well for you. Looking forward to seeing your progress.