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  1. I mean yeah, I always feel uncomfortable with dating, Guys would talk to me but I am so afraid of going on a date cause they might think I’m disgusting and I’ve just isolated myself haha I know that’s not good but can’t help it. I know, I’ve come a long way to have the little self esteem I have but damn acne won t go away haha. I’ve been trying just to go with it and stop wearing make up but then I feel too uncomfortable and just go and cry in the bathroom at work lol. But thank you I hope it
  2. I’m currently 23. Just started accutane a week ahí. I’ve never had a boyfriend and I think it’s because of my acne. I’ve dated but I can’t help thinking that they’re looking at my face because of it, I topped wearing make up cause I don’t want to make it worse but it makes me feel so insecure. The funny part is I wouldn’t mind if I’m dating someone with acne or whatever but I feel they do. Gay guys are usually really shallow. I’m just scared to date anymore and I know I don’t need no man lol bu
  3. Hi! I’m 23 and still have mild to severe acne. I just started accutane and my self esteem couldn’t be lower lol I feel like everyday people stare at me because of my acne and I’ve never been in a relationship cause I’ve had this since I was 18 and I keep thinking that all guys won’t like me because of my face and I just don’t date cause I’m too afraid. I know this is not encouraging but this is how i feel. And ir has affected not o oh romsrically but oh well I low accutane works :c