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  1. wow u said it.. but is that u in pic? well then rly sry man :< is it the same on your face too or is face clear? No, but my skin was similar at one point. After two 9 month rounds of accutane I am left mostly with scars and some acne. Although picking ur skin can lead to worse scarring, if your acne was as bad as mine, not picking won't spare you from scars. Parts of my back that I could never reach have lots of scarring, acne damages the skin so if you see someone with scars, they
  2. body dysmorphic disorder - thinking you have bad acne or your fat etc etc when in reality you're probably not. You know what is worse than body dysmorphic disorder is that you ACTUALLY DO have it as bad as you think, but a part of you HOPES you have body dysmorphic disorder because then maybe it's only you who thinks its bad and perhaps to others it isn't. So then you look at yourself and ask. "Is it just me who thinks its bad? Or does everyone see me this way?" Because for some people
  3. Over time your spirit slowly dies and then you stop caring as much. I used to hide the acne scars all over my neck but now most of the time I don't even care enough to do so.
  4. It's not society that's based on looks, it's in our DNA. That's like saying dogs use their sense of smell to detect certain things about other dogs because of their "society". Society is culture, being that people are very sight oriented is not because of culture, it's because of DNA.... Mirror or not, I'd still get stared at and rejected by females...so I'd probably just find some clear water to figure out way my skin hurts so bad. Also you don't need a mirror to see massive painful yel
  5. A food diary is a very good idea. Milk is laced with hormones so having them and then not having them can cause your own bodies hormone system to be out of wack. I'm sure once it stabilizes you can better get a feel how bovine hormones interact with your body. I love diary but try my best to steer clear, it may not be dairy itself (people have been drinking dairy for thousands of years) but perhaps because of the amount of hormones they give cows now to bring up milk production.... Milk
  6. Okay then, we can gather two things here about Acne. 1. It's caused by genetics because if it was diet then everyone eating western food would have acne. 2. It's caused by diet because everyone who has acne would have relatives with acne. The truth is, it's probably a little of both. If you are genetically predisposed to acne yet never eat certain foods then your genes may not express acne, yet you'll still be a carrier and have a chance to pass it to your children. Two people can be carrie
  7. I highly doubt coco has anything to do with acne. However HIGHLY PROCESSED SUGAR and MILK (COWS WITH RAGING HORMONES) can definitely aggravate acne. It's not that it's chocolate, it's the PROCESSED SUGAR AND MILK!
  8. My skin has made my otherwise normal life a living hell. They say acne is what you make it however you can't force women to be attracted to you if they are simply turned off by your acne. Being forever alone doesn't help quality of life, seeing how it's in our nature to want to mate and share our lives with others. That being said, even if I did have an opportunity to "pass along my genes" I wouldn't simply because I'd never gamble out of my own selfishness and just hope that my offspring w
  9. ghostofme

    Smile, I got scars!

    Acne is temp, scars are perm
  10. ghostofme

    Just some of me

    Just some of me