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  1. mine got scabby. just be careful with your skin. try to let it heal or you WILL come out with some scars. I can remember a few scabs that kept coming off and i have scars there. Just be very very very gentle with your skin and try to let the scabs heal. Maybe try some neosporin.
  2. you should just do it the natural way by eating a ton of food... good food... you're gonna lose most of your gains after you stop creatine.
  3. i used to be so self conscious about my acne. it got pretty bad when i was on accutane. even when i finally cleared up, i was always worried about breaking out. i've been off for almost a year now. i basically just live my life now. i run, lift weights, box, go to movies, listen to music. i try to keep the stress down as much as possible. i have an awesome girlfriend and i spend pretty much zero time worrying about my acne/scars. i know it's hard , but just try to do your shit and not give a fuc
  4. i broke out a little right after i got off. now im generally clear. i swear the main cause of acne is stress. just stop stressing and live man.
  5. it depends on the derm. i have had 3 derms. the first one was a woman. i had her for about 3months. she was very nice and examined my skin and i was doing well with what she gave me. she left on maternity leave. my second one was a male. i went to after my acne all of the sudden started going crazy. i was prescribed accutane by him. he was the WORST derm ever. he never explained anything to me and showed no compassion i got depressed while on accutane and requested a new derm. another woman.
  6. i hate it too. im very clear on my face now, but i remember before i was on accutane. that shit was torture.
  7. it's not meant to be a cure. it def significantly reduces acne and allows for much easier treatment by conventional methods.
  8. derms prescribe it to ppl that have begun to scar, even lightly. or if they look like they will potentially scar. that's one of the main criteria.
  9. i tried to take a second round. i went from being almost completely clear to starting to break out. i stopped taking it because i feared an initial breakout like the first round and it wasnt worth it to me
  10. i broke out up untill like month 3 or 4... took it two years ago and im generally clear now, damn weather changes messing with me skin. best advice i can give you is stay with it and try to get the highest dose that you can handle for the longest time you can.
  11. i'd use the differin at night, benzaclin in the morning... i use benzamycin , it's pretty much the same as benzaclin , but the benzaclin is a more uniform solution and a diff antibiotic. just be careful and dont put too much benzaclin on or you'll have white streaks and get really dry skin.
  12. i was taking it and i was generally clear on it. this is after a round of accutane. i havent taken it all summer and i've been clear, but i just started breaking out a little . i think im gonna start on it again. i do think , however, it give me a gaseous stomach.
  13. i think this all the time. i know some womens @ school say this about me too.